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MW3 Jak Bullseye Bugged: What You Need To Know?

mw3 jak bullseye bugged
Know about MW3 Jak Bullseye Bugged

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) offers a variety of weapons and attachments for players to customize their loadouts.

One of the attachments is the Jak Bullseye, an aftermarket optic that provides a red dot sight.

However, some players have reported that the Jak Bullseye is bugged in MW3 and does not show any reticle, making it useless. Furthermore, the developer has not addressed this issue and players have to wait for the official fix for this bug.

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What Is Jak Bullseye In MW3?

The Jak Bullseye is a reward for completing the weekly challenge of getting 25 kills with the Jak-12 shotgun in MW3.

The Jak-12 is a semi-automatic shotgun that can fire explosive rounds, making it a powerful weapon for close-range combat.

Jak Bullseye
Jak Bullseye attachment in MW3.

Additionally, it improves the Jak-12 by enhancing player accuracy when aiming at their target.

The Jak Bullseye is similar to the Reflex Sight but with a different design and shape.

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Why Is Jak Bullsey Bugged In MW3?

Many players have noticed that the Jak Bullseye is malfunctioning and has several issues.

Some of the problems reported by the players are:

  1. The Jak Bullseye moves a lot when the player attacks, making it hard to track the target and control the recoil.
  2. Similarly, Jak Bullseye has no reticle customization options, making it bland and boring.
    Jak Bullseye with no reticle
    Jak Bullseye has no reticle in MW3.
  3. It does not aim at the center of the screen, but is slightly off-target, making it inaccurate and unreliable.
  4. Likewise, Jak Bullseye does not have any zoom or magnification, making it ineffective at long ranges.
  5. The Jak Bullseye has a low profile and a wide front post, making it difficult to see the enemy and the surroundings.

Many players have expressed their disappointment and frustration with the Jak Bullseye, as they expected it to be useful.

Additionally, some players have even called it the most pointless and worst attachment ever.

Is There A Fix For The Jak Bullseye Bugged In MW3?

Unfortunately, there is no official fix for the Jak Bullseye bugged in MW3 as of now.

Also, the developers have not responded to this issue or provided any updates regarding the solution to the problem.

However, some players have suggested some possible workarounds or solutions to deal with the bug.

For example, some players recommend changing graphic settings, such as the texture quality, or the anti-aliasing.

Some players have also advised switching to another optic attachment, such as the JAK BFB.

It is another Aftermarket Parts optic that works similarly to the Jak Bullseye.

The Bottom Line

The Jak Bullseye in MW3 is a new optic attachment that provides superior targeting compared to other iron sights.

However, the Jak Bullseye is bugged and has many problems that make it unusable and frustrating.

Hopefully, the developers will address the bug and fix it soon, so that players can enjoy the Jak Bullseye as intended.

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