9 Beginner Cycling Tips That Make Riding More Fun

Riding a bicycle should not be about the rules, but instead having fun and enjoying the ride. Many tips make riding more fun, be it alone or with a group.

Cycling is a fun recreational activity for all ages. It is exhilarating, thrilling, and liberating.

Needless to say but cycling comes with a bunch of benefits.

Some of them include reducing stress levels, improving a person’s overall fitness, and saving money, of course.

Bicycling can, in time, feel monotonous and boring, like working a full-time job as you start. You start losing interest and pleasure.

However, there are some things that make riding more fun. You can start enjoying getting on your bike again.

The 9 beginner cycling tips that make riding more fun are as follows.

  1. A trip with family or friends.
  2. Cycling in empty routes.
  3. Letting your inner child out.
  4. Exploring routes.
  5. Singing aloud while riding.
  6. Attending cycling events.
  7. Enjoying surroundings.
  8. Adjusting the bike.
  9. Food for motivation.
A Man Enjoying The View (Source: Unsplash)

In this article, I will talk about the beginner cycling tips that make riding more fun in a bit more detail.

As a bonus, I will be feeding you some other important things as well.

So, what are we waiting for? Let us get into it.

How Long Should a Beginner Cyclist Ride Bike?

A beginner cyclist should ride as much as they can go on. It can be for 30 to 45 minutes or 2 hours. It entirely depends on the individual.

However, I consulted with a beginner cycling friend of mine and found some meaningful information about how she got started.

According to her, allocate cycling days on the weekdays because doing it every day can be daunting for beginners. Cycle for about 30 – 45 minutes on allotted cycling days. And on the weekends, you can go further and cycle for 45 minutes to even 2 hours.

Doing anything for a more extended period can be lethargic and dull.

So, follow my friend’s guide to becoming a professional at it.

And if you are thinking of taking a trip on the weekend, I would advise you not to ride for a long time.

Ride for 30 – 45 minutes in one go, stop somewhere with a view (or where you find best), and drink water and relax for a bit.

Safety Tips for Beginner Cyclists

Before zooming out into the wind, you should always remember to follow proper safety guides and tips.

You might hear many different safety tips from other riders that might make sense, and some might sound gibberish.

Well, lucky for you, I have got you covered.

Following safety precautions might not be for the cool kids, but getting injured is no joke.

Follow the tips below, and you should be good to go.

Long Rides

Tell someone you trust where you are headed if you are on your way to a long ride for the day.

Share clicked images while stopping or at least a small update like where you are. This will reassure them that you are safe and enjoying your ride.

Learn Basic Skills

You are bound to run into traffic living in a big city. To become a pro at traffics, you should learn some basic traffic skills.

Riding in traffic can be scary for beginners.

Remember that you have the right to cycle in traffic like anyone else. This can help boost confidence.

I believe you must always be assertive in every scenario, as that is one thing others can sense. And avoid potholes or any hazardous-looking roads.

Learn the 10 hand signals for your next group ride.

Brake Properly

The front brake of your bike is more effective than the one at the back. So, try not to pull both of them equally at the same time.

Try to get a 60 – 40 distribution of brake or even 70 – 30 between the front and the rear brake. The higher number being the front brake, of course.

Modern brakes on bikes are very powerful. Even a small amount of pull can stop vigorously.

So, remember to pull the lever slowly not to bring the bike to a shocking stop.

9 Beginner Cycling Tips That Make Riding More Fun

And now, time for actual tips that make riding more fun.

Follow the 9 beginner cycling tips that make riding more fun, and continue cherishing your bike.

1. A Trip with Family or Friends

One of the best things you can do on weekends is to go on a trip with the ones you cherish.

Cycling in a group gives you or any other beginner cyclist time to socialize talking about bikes, and have a good time together.

Cycle together in a group, remind others of potential danger or potholes, and play music on a Bluetooth speaker to hear, but make sure everyone can listen to each other fine, do not blast the music.

I mean, who would not like to have a relaxing day to unwind with those they enjoy, right?

2. Cycling in Empty Routes

Cycling on busy roads can be overwhelming for beginners. I get that.

That is why beginner cyclists must ride along quiet roads. To boost confidence in riding and enjoy it.

Ask a friend to join you as you take a stroll down a quiet place. A company will help you enjoy riding as you have a good conversation along the way.

To kick things up a notch, ride along rail tracks, back streets, canal paths, or even a side of the city that no one had an idea about. These parts are usually quiet and good to explore.

3. Letting Your Inner Child Out

Think about what you would have done if you were still a kid with a bike, and do that.

No matter your age or the situation you are in, your inner child is always there. You have to let it out.

Everyone should let their inner child out here and out as everyday life can be a bit much to take in sometimes.

Remember what you did as a child with your buddies as you all took a stroll down the park. And do that.

When I was a child, I put on a batman cape and pretended I was batman as the wind made the cape float.

As silly as it may seem now, doing things when you were a kid can bring a nice smile to your face and help you cherish the times.

But remember to be silly where you do not distract or get in the way of other pedestrians or cyclists.

4. Exploring Routes

Whether you are cycling alone or in a group, find a route that no one has gone before and explore that.

Following the same path every day can feel monotonous so finding something different and interesting is imperative, especially when you are not feeling fun riding for a while.

Research where you would like to go beforehand not to get lost in between.

Found a bicycling route filled with greenery? Go on, then. Explore!

Equip yourself with Google Maps or Apple Maps, or if you want to go old school, a foldable map as a precaution so you do not get lost.

There are a lot of places left to be explored. Imagine the view of the city or hills as you cycle down a new path.

A tip for elevating your heart rate is to cut through a field. Instead of going the usual route, take the grassy path instead.

5. Singing Aloud While Riding

Personally, I love singing aloud when riding my bike. I feel free and liberated as the wind gushes down my hair.

I am pretty sure that you are a star singing in your shower, but it is time to do it out in the open.

Try singing only when you are riding down a quiet place if you are shy. But if not, what’s stopping you?!

6. Attending Cycling Events

This is an excellent tip for beginner bike riders and a good time to learn more about cycling while meeting new like-minded people.

Signing up for a cycling event is a fascinating way to get motivated and stay motivated.

Attend a cycling event the next time you see one and enjoy it. Share your experience as a beginner cyclist with others and spice up your endeavor.

A cycling event does not have to be just riding. It can be a seminar or something else. Whatever it may be, do not hesitate to join in.

So the next time you see such an event, sign up. Just do it, meet new people, enjoy your stories, hear their stories, and enjoy the experience.

7. Enjoying Surroundings

Sometimes when people cycle, they get so invested in riding that they completely ignore their surroundings.

When on a journey, stop at places with enthralling views and soak it all in.

Even the smallest of things, such as gazing at beautiful landscapes, can make one feel relaxed. I know I do.

Remember to stop and take in the environment in your next journey over the weekend, be it alone or with friends or family.

8. Adjusting the Bike

A bike that does not compliment you can make the experience no fun. You deserve to be seated comfortably while riding your bike.

Check the bike’s seat, adjust the handlebar, check if the brakes are doing their job well, and take care of any rattling noise.

Even the smallest of things such as these can stop you from enjoying your ride.

Being comfortable while riding has a big impact on your overall performance and excitement level.

9. Food for Motivation

Now, this tip might sound silly at first but hear me out.

Have you ever gotten so excited for a party the next day that you have done everything beforehand?

Like getting your clothes and attire out the night before and placing them in the chain ready to be worn, and when the alarm buzzer buzzes, you get up all excited?

As weird as it sounds, food can have the same effect on you.

Ditch the granola bar or energy drink for your bike ride tomorrow. Fix yourself a couple of sandwiches and fresh orange or any other juice.

Similar to the party metaphor above, preparing food will get you excited for the ride tomorrow subconsciously. And when the actual day arrives, you will be excited about the ride.

On your journey, stop at places with views and devour the meal you have prepared.

I know it all sounds crazy, but you have to try it to experience it.


Believe it or not, many people have been parking their cars in their garage and picking up their cycles instead. And I am sure you are on your way there too.

For starters, try riding the bike for 2 out of 5 workdays, and you will slowly start feeling the thrill.

Well, regardless of that, try the 9 beginner cycling tips that make riding more fun for yourself.

I am sure you are going to have a blast and enjoy riding much more. Cheers!

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