6 Ways to Make a Kid’s Bicycle Sound Like a Dirt Bike

One of the many things a kid probably likes to do is pretend their cycle is a dirt bike.

A dirt bike is a type of bike for riding off-road. They are designed to be used on rough terrains and uneven tracks. One of the key features of the dirt bike is that they are significantly loud. 

When I was a little kid, many grown-up kids in my neighborhood had dirt bikes. When they rode their dirt bikes, my friends and I would hear them coming from yards away. 

At that time, the dirt bike had us intrigued.

Therefore, I wanted to ride a dirt bike, but I was a small kid, so it didn’t seem possible.

The only option we had was to make our bicycles sound like dirt bikes. 

To make our bicycles sound like dirt bikes, we tried a lot of stuff. We even made a lot of mistakes to make our bikes sound like dirt bikes. 

When my kids said they wanted to make their bike sound like a dirt bike, I knew what had to be done.

Although I knew that it would disturb us, it is just a phase of their life that needs to be fulfilled.

What are the Materials Needed?

You need various materials to make the kid’s bicycle sound like a dirt bike.

The choice of materials will also depend upon the method you plan to upgrade your kid’s bike. 

Since you can pimp your kid’s bike in various ways, you will require multiple materials.

Below I have listed materials that are necessary for upgrading your kid’s bike.

  1. A pair of Scissors
  2. Knife
  3. Tape
  4. Rubber balloons
  5. Playing Cards

You should note that the materials required will vary depending on the method you are upgrading your kid’s bike. You might need more materials if you are planning on using them differently. 

6 Ways to Make Your Kids Bicycle Sound Like a Dirt Bike

1. Use Playing Cards

Using playing cards to make a bicycle sound like a bike is one of the oldest tricks in the book. People have been placing playing cards on their bikes to make dirt bikes sound for decades!

To do so, you need a playing card made of stiff paper. You will also need items like duct tape to hold the card on the bike frame. 

Then you should place the card between the spokes so that when the wheel rotates, the spokes will hit the card and make a dirt bike-like sound.

If you place the card in the middle of the wheel, it will make less sound, whereas if you put the card on the rear end, it will make more sound.

You can get much more sound if you use playing cards made of plastic as they are sturdier and produce a louder sound.


First of all, you need to cut a long piece of duct tape. Then you need to stick the tape on one end of the card and tape it to the bike frame.

It is recommended to fit the card between the spokes.

While placing the card, you should ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the brakes and gears. 

Before taping the card, you should rotate your wheel to ensure that the right sound is produced.

If you don’t like the sound, you can adjust the card’s position accordingly.

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2. Use Water bottle

Using water bottles to make a motorbike sound is also one of the most used tricks. That is why you will see lots of kids with plastic bottles in their tires. 

You can use two ways to make your kid’s bicycle sound like a dirt bike.

First I’ll tell you about the most common method.

You will need a regular-sized bottle with its cap off. Then squeeze it between the rear tire and frame of the bike. 

To see if the bottle fits perfectly or not, you should rotate the tires first.

If the bottle doesn’t fall away, then you are good to go. In this way, the bicycle will make a motorbike noise while riding. 

If your kid rides their bike in this way, the tires may start to degrade sooner because of the plastic bottle constantly rubbing on the tire.

The second method is much safer and tire-friendly.

You need an empty water bottle and rigid plastic (rigid like a Credit Card) for this method, along with scissors and tape. 

The water bottle will act as an exhaust and amplify the sound. 


First of all, you need to take off the lid and cut off the whole bottom part of the water bottle to create a big hole.

With the help of a knife, you have to cut halfway through the neck of the bottle.

Since this is a delicate process, you need to be slow and cautious. Just make sure that you don’t cut off the whole neck.

Now you can place the stiff piece of plastic or even playing cards in the cut and tape it to the bottle so it will not fall off.

You can either use super glue or adhesive tape to fix it on the bike frame.

Like the playing cards, the hard plastic should be placed between the spokes to make a dirt bike-like sound when the wheels rotate. 

The empty bottle will amplify the sound of the card being hit by the spokes.

3. Use Spokester

Spokester’s are designed to be fitted on the bicycle to create a surreal dirt bike sound.

Spokesters are made of plastic and come with a built-in clip to fit the bike frame automatically.

Just like the playing cards and plastic bottles, when spokes and spokesters strike each other, the sound of a dirt bike is created.

The sound produced from the spokester is even higher than the one made by playing cards and plastic bottles. 

Since spokester’s have clips, the installation process is easy and does not take time.

They create much more realistic sounds than other methods.

If your kid’s bike has circular front forks, then spokester’s will fit onto it. They expand so that you can snap them on the bike forks.

If the bike has oval, angled, or tapered forks, the spokester will not fit the bike frame.

The sound generated by the spokester is loud enough for you to locate where your little rider is.


You should place your palm against the round part of the spokester. When you press the spokester, it becomes bigger.

You should place the spokester on the front fork of your kid’s bike and snap it. And your work is finished.

4. Use Balloons

Using balloons is also an easy and fast way to make your kid’s bike sound like a dirt bike as they only take few minutes to set up. 

When I tried using balloons for the first time, I was skeptical because they burst easily.

But later, it turned out they created a very dirt bike noise when hit by the spokes.

The only problem is that the air inside the balloon will slowly fade within a day or two. But since they are cheap enough, you can buy them in a bundle.

You can also add balloons on both sides and create an even louder sound. This process is so easy that even your child can do it by themselves. 


At first, you have to blow up the balloon. A water balloon will work the best.

Then, you will have to find a spot on the front and back forks to tie the balloon.

The balloon must touch the spokes when it is rotating to make the sound effect.

You have to be careful when you push the balloons near the spokes; otherwise, they might burst.

You can add multiple balloons to make an even louder sound.

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5. Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System

This product will provide superior sound compared to other products.

The product comes with a big exhaust pipe which you can fit on either side of the bike.

You can even buy them for both sides for an even surreal sound.

One of the great things is, this exhaust system is water-proof and durable.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about its degradation in wet weather.

This product doesn’t operate through a battery, so you can just fit it on your kid’s bike and watch them run with the wind.

My kids loved this device so much that they wouldn’t stay indoors at all. They were outside all day long playing with their friends. 

You can easily hear your kid from a distance, so you will know where they are at all times.

The exhaust pipe comes with a complete fitting kit and 24 stickers to design itself.

You can buy them online or at your nearest cycle store.


The Turbospoke exhaust system is pretty easy to install and takes only just 10-15 minutes.

6. Metal cans

Metal cans have been used for a long time to create sound effects on bikes.

The sound is mainly amplified when the metal can is used.

Your kid can ride in their awesome bike, making other kids in the neighborhood envious.

You should know that your kid’s tire will degrade sooner if you use metal cans for a long time.

If not, for this reason, they would be perfect to use. 


All you need is an empty metal can. You need to place the can on the ground and roll the tire back and forth on it. 

The can should be pressed on the middle, and the upper and lower head of the can will grip around the tire so that it won’t fall off.

It will take about 10-15 minutes for the whole process to complete.

Things to Avoid

1. Small Pencils or Sticks

From my experience, using wooden sticks to make a dirt bike sound is a big No-No.

Let me tell you why a wooden stick is not a good choice if you are planning to use them.

  • Firstly they are not flexible enough. These sticks will break after repeated contact with the spokes.
  • Secondly, due to their hardness, they will also damage the spokes.

2. Crushing Metal cans Improperly

You are probably thinking, what’s so hard about crushing a metal can with a bike tire? It is one of the easiest things to do.

But let me tell you, you should crush the can right on the middle part with the tire.

If you lean more, either left or right, the can will not stick appropriately to the tire and may fall off.

3. Riding with metals cans for too long

You should be careful about riding your bike for too long with the can on your tire because it can wear down the treads on your bike.

Although this may not happen with every bicycle, it might occur with your kid’s bike nonetheless. 


By now, you already know of various ways by which a kid’s bike can make a dirt bike sound. The sound made will also vary depending upon what type of method is used.

If your kid loves motorbikes and dreams of riding one, then your little racers will love riding their bikes as the above products will give them the feeling of riding a dirt bike.

On top of that, they can show it off to their friends and be the talk of other kids.

Your kids will spend less time inside home and more time outside riding their bikes and winning the imaginary competition.

Besides, playing outside is more important for their growth than staying inside and playing games on their mobile.

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