Should I Buy a Bike for my Kids?

Should I Buy a Bike for my Kids?
Should I Buy a Bike for my Kids?

Most of us can remember our parents helping us balance and pedal our first bike as kids until we learned how to ride without their support.

This surely is a happy memory for most of us. Sharing the same experience with your child will prove to be a similar fulfilling and adventurous experience. 

Your kid can start learning how to cycle between the age of 3 to 5 years.

Around this age, your child is growing to become more coordinated, completing their developmental milestones of running, using stairs, and other motor skills.

Bike for kids
Father Supporting his Kid to Ride Bike (source:Pixabay)

So, making your child take up cycling becomes a great aid in their growth process.

You can include cycling as an individual activity or make it a bonding/family playtime activity that you can enjoy together as a family.

Thanks to rapid inventions, the market consists of various ‘balance bikes,” which are specially designed to teach toddlers (18 months and above) to balance their bodies and gain confidence using their feet.

So the good news is that you can introduce cycling from an early age to your child.

Getting the perfect bike for your kids is important. Choosing a lightweight bike and sizes appropriate for your kids will help them ride it comfortably, faster while having a more enjoyable experience.

Scientifically, cycling has proven to be very beneficial for children. Numerous studies point towards its advantages. Therefore, cycling from an early age can prove to be very effective.

10 Reasons you should Buy a Bike for your Children:

1. Helps in Physical Development

As mentioned above, cycling is a great physical exercise for your kids, especially in developing their coordination and motor ability.

Cycling can also be a fun idea to be incorporated as a daily exercise routine for your child and your entire family.

It’s an enjoyable way of prioritizing physical health in your family dynamics.

2. Mental Well Being

The beauty of cycling is that it caters to the improvement of both physical and mental well-being.

Cycling requires a lot of multitasking and fine motor skills.

Enjoying Bike Ride
Enjoying Bike Ride (source:Pixabay)

Indulging in this activity from childhood will lead to higher brain functioning and development.

3. Benefits Muscle Growth

Healthy muscle development is a legitimate indication of a healthy child.

Although it may seem that cycling only exercises the lower body, the upper body is used for direction and balance.

In conclusion, cycling facilitates muscle growth uniformly throughout the body.

4. A Great Family Bonding Experience

If done as a family activity, cycling helps in solidifying an everlasting bond between the parent and the child.

The activity can be part of a long tradition,  as Cycling can be enjoyed through all age groups.

Taking part in this activity with your child will give you access to moments of peace and vulnerability, leading to honest conversations and great bonding sessions.

5. Builds Social Interaction

Cycling regularly helps kids interact with other kids of their age who have similar interests.

Social interactions with similar age children are essential, and it happens organically during play or activity sessions.

Therefore, Cycling can help your kids become friends with other kids easily and boost social communications.

6. Emotional Wellness

Studies have shown the relation between cycling and less stress.

Cycling regularly helps you get relief from your emotional turmoil and stress.

Furthermore, it helps reduce cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone, and boosts dopamine production, which helps reduce stress.

Through cycling, kids learn to cope with their issues healthily and come out feeling refreshed and energized.

7. Regulates Body Weight

Obesity is a growing problem in our society. It doesn’t help us that social media and digital devices are programmed to keep us glued to them without taking part in any physical activity.

Cultivating cycling as a habit will help your kids keep their body weight in regulation while promoting a healthy lifestyle and physique.

8. Improve Cardiovascular  Activity

It’s a known fact that improving cardiovascular activity helps in increasing stamina.

As a child is required to participate in lots of physical activity, cycling regularly will improve their cardiovascular activity.

Thereby increasing their stamina and metabolism. Therefore, helping them do well in other sports and activities.

I have an article in which I have discussed about the Health Benefits of cycling for Children.

9. An Escape from Social Media

The ongoing and mostly eternal social media frenzy has made us and our children glued to their screens.

Any kind of fun activity that will attract them to go outside is a boon.

In that case, Cycling, cultivated as a habit, will ensure your kids happily indulge in outdoor play and social interactions.

10. Good for the Environment

Cycling is a great alternative to the progressively increasing issue of air pollution.

Making your kids divert towards cycling as a transportation medium is a practical way of explaining the ongoing problem and making your kids participate in a pragmatic solution.

List of 5 Best Bikes for Kids

1RoyalBaby Kids BikeRoyalbabyAmazing design and color
More Size Options
Comes with Training wheels
Minimum Maintainance
$99.99 – $135.99
3Schwinn Hopscotch & Toggle Kids BikeSchwinnEasy Assembly
Light Friend
Kid-friendly saddle
Minimum Maintainance
Specially designed for girls
$107.99 – $139.99
5Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain BikeHuffySport Type
Durable Steel frame
Ideal for age 5-9 years
Table showing List of 5 Best Kids Bike

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bike

  • Choose the bike according to your child’s age and physicality. Your child should be able to handle the bike’s weight and balance it without difficulty. 
  • Your choice of bike should also be able to function adequately on your locality’s terrain.  For example, a road bike won’t function properly in rocky terrain; for that, you need a mountain bike to have a comfortable and safe experience.
  • Emphasize the quality of the brakes installed on the bike of your choice. The brakes should be handy enough for your kids to use at the time of need comfortably.
  • Safety first. Use helmets and pads to minimize the impact of any falls or accidents. If the child feels secure, they will enjoy using their bike more. For more information, you can read 11 safety tips for biking with kids.
  • Pick a strong bike. When I say strong, I don’t mean heavy, but a well-built bike that can sustain being used harshly.
  • Teach road rules and safety to your child before letting them bike on their own. They should know what to do in an emergency and ride tier bikes on the trails assigned by you.
In conclusion, Yes, you should buy a bike for your kids. Just make sure you invest in the right type of bike and make the experience of cycling worthwhile and adventurous for both you and your kid.

There are various websites from which you can book bike lesson for your kids.

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