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Upgrade The Sewing Skills In State Of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 Sewing
State of Decay2 Sewing skills helps the player to craft valuable items from cloth and thread.

Among the different skills of the game, the essential skill is the State Of Decay 2 Sewing.

State of Decay 2 Sewing skills help the player to craft valuable items from cloth and thread. This skill provides knowledge of craftsmanship to the player.
Continue reading to learn about the State of Decay 2 Sewing skill.

Skills In State Of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is a well-liked survival game that offers players diverse skills to cultivate and use.

In the State of Decay 2, there are four primary skills that any player should have.

They are named Core Skills, which help the players to survive.

Here are the core skills that any player needs:

Core SkillsDescription
CardioImproves Stamina
WitsImproves Search Skill
FightingImprove Health and Combat Skills
ShootingImprove Hunting Skill

After four primary skills, people have a fifth skill called Quirk Skills.

These Quirk Skills may benefit the survivor, community, or both.

Business Quirk Skills
Acquire different Quirk Skills to help individuals or communities.

State of Decay 2 Sewing Skill is the general Quirk Skill that enables players to craft valuable items from cloth and thread.

Effect of Sewing Skills

Sewing Skills enable the players to make custom clothes.

Custom players help players by increasing health size and stack size.

Here are the effects of sewing skills:

  • Increases Max. Health by +20
  • Increases Max. Consumable Stack by +2
  • Knowledge of Craftmanship

How To Get State Of Decay 2 Sewing?

Quirk Skills are either granted through specific Traits or acquired using suitable Textbooks.

To acquire the Sewing skill for your survivor, you have two options:

  1. Rewards after completing different Survivors in Needs missions.
  1. Teaching it to one of your survivors using a Textbook.

Players can obtain textbooks during scavenging or buy from traders.

Different textbook for learning skills
You can buy textbooks from the trader.

Once you possess a Textbook, you can use it to teach the Sewing skill to a survivor who lacks a fifth skill.

After your survivor learns the Sewing skill, they’ll be capable of crafting valuable items like custom clothing.

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Advantages Of Getting Sewing Skills

Gaining the Sewing skill offers an advantage: the capability to craft personalized clothing that increases health and stack size.

Sewing Skills become especially valuable for players who support their survivors’ health and carrying capacity.

The Sewing Skills can help weaker survivors to carry more explosives or increase health.

Man collecting items
Sewing Skills increase health and stack.

Beyond these advantages, Sewing also imparts a Knowledge of Craftsmanship.

This knowledge benefits players seeking to construct and enhance their base facilities.

Through Craftsmanship knowledge, players increase their base’s Build Action Speed and Facility Action Speed.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Sewing is a versatile skill that offers various advantages to players in the State of Decay 2.

Sewing Skill is undoubtedly worth studying whether you aim to enhance your survivors’ strength or support your base.

When you find a survivor skilled in Sewing or a relevant Textbook, don’t hesitate to add it to your skills.

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