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FFXIV Light Rampant: A Guide To The Ultimate Challenge

ffxiv light rampant
A guide to Light Rampant in FFXIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, you might want to try the savage mode of Eden’s Verse: Refulgence, also known as E8S.

This is the final raid of Eden’s Verse series, where you face off against Shiva, the Lady of Frost, in her most powerful form.

In the final raid of Eden’s Verse series, there is one of the most complex and difficult mechanics in Final Fantasy XIV called Light Rampant.
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What Is Light Rampant In FFXIV?

Light Rampant is a mechanic that occurs twice during the E8S fight, once at around 50% of Shiva’s health and again at 10%.

Shiva, the raid boss of E8S.

It involves a series of attacks that require precise coordination, positioning, and timing from the entire raid group.

The goal of Light Rampant is to survive the mechanic without getting more than four stacks of Vulnerability Up.

To do this, the raid group needs to assign roles and positions for each element and execute them flawlessly.

Light Rampant
Light Rampant in FFXIV.
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Tips For Light Rampant Mechanics In FFXIV

In FFXIV, the first thing to know about Light Rampant is that it is not a fixed pattern.

The order and timing of the mechanics can vary slightly depending on Shiva’s position, the party’s position, and the server’s latency.

Therefore, it is important to be flexible and adaptable and to communicate with your party members.

Here are some general tips and strategies for each mechanic:

1. Refulgent Chains

These are tethers that connect one tank, one healer, and two DPS.

There are two types of chains:

  1. One that explodes if the tethered players move too far away from each other.
  2. Another that explodes if the tethered players move too close to each other.

The trick is to keep the chains at a moderate distance and avoid crossing them with other players.

The chained players will also be targeted by Path of Light, a cone AoE from Shiva that they need to dodge by moving around her.

2. Meteor Towers

These are circles that spawn around Shiva and require players to stand inside them to prevent them from exploding.

The first wave has four single-soak towers.

Similarly, the second wave has two double-soak towers.

Likewise, the third wave has one four-soak tower.

The chained players should be the ones to soak the first two waves, while the unchained players should soak the third wave.

Soaking a tower will give you a stack of Lightsteeped, so be careful not to get more than four.

3. Bright Orbs

These are orbs that tether to the unchained players and follow them around.

Furthermore, the orbs start large and shrink over time.

If an orb touches any player, it will explode and deal damage proportional to its size.

The tethered players need to kite the orbs around the edge of the arena and pop them when they are small enough.

However, popping an orb will also give you a stack of Lightsteeped, so make sure you don’t have more than four.

4. Frigid Stone

These are AoE markers that target the other tank, the other healer, and two DPS.

Furthermore, they will deal damage and apply a heavy debuff that cannot be cleaned.

They will also leave behind star-shaped markers that will explode later and shoot outlines of AoE in four directions.

The marked players need to drop their AoEs near the edge of the arena and avoid the star explosions.

The star explosions will also give you a stack of Lightsteeped, so be careful not to get hit by them.

5. Freezing

These are debuffs that affect one tank and one healer.

They will freeze the players in place after a few seconds, making them immune to knockbacks but also unable to move.

The healers need to cleanse these debuffs with Esuna, but only on the healer and not on the tank.

The tank needs to stay frozen to avoid getting knocked back by Heavenly Strike, a raid-wide knockback from the arena.

6. Frigid Eruption

These are AoE circles that spawn under the DPS players three times in a row.

They need to move out of them quickly and avoid overlapping with other players.

The circles will also give you a stack of Lightsteeped, so be careful not to get more than four.

7. Banish

This is a spell that Shiva casts on a random tank.

Furthermore, it can either be real or fake, depending on how many orbs are circling above her head.

If she has one orb, it is real, and it will put a stack marker on the tank.

Similarly, if she has four orbs, it is fake, and it will put stack markers on both tanks.

The real stack marker needs to be shared by both tanks, while the fake stack markers need to be spread away from each other.

8. The House Of Light

This is the final mechanic of the phase, where Shiva shoots a cone AoE at every player.

Moreover, the cones will overlap and deal damage based on how many players are hit by them.

They will also give you a stack of Lightsteeped, so you need to spread out and make sure you only get hit by one cone.

If you have done everything correctly, you should end up with four stacks of Lightsteeped, which will drop off shortly after.

The Bottom Line

Light Rampant is the most notorious mechanic in the fight, but it can be overcome with practice and communication.

It tests your skills, teamwork, and perseverance as you face Shiva and her arsenal of deadly attacks.

If you are looking for a thrilling and rewarding experience, you should give this raid a try.

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