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We Are Not Alone Quest In Immortals Fenyx Rising

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In Immortals Fenyx Rising We Are Not Alone, you must glide over clouds at different distances.

Immortals Fenyx Rising We Are Not Alone is a new quest in the game.

This quest is a part of the Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC.

In Immortals Fenyx Rising We Are Not Alone, you must glide over clouds at different distances. Use different strategies to complete the quest quickly.
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Immortal Fenyx Rising: An Overview

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, players get the role of Fenyx embarking on a mission to rescue the Greek gods.

The game presents a vast open-world setting for exploration, consisting of mythical creatures, puzzles, and trials.

Wielding divine powers, players confront mythological enemies and triumph over legendary tests.

Man flying in the sky
You will get to meet different mythological characters and powers.

The developers plan to release three DLC adventures for Immortals Fenyx Rising.

The game’s first DLC release is titled “A New God.”

The developers released the second DLC for the game under the title “Myths of the Eastern Realm.”

We Are Not Alone Quest

We Are Not Alone is the teaser quest released for the Myths of Eastern Realm during update 1.20.

This is a unique primer quest in the game and is free for all players.

The game introduces Ku as a new character inspired by Chinese mythology for the Realm.

KU stat
KU is introduced as a new character.

The quest is located near either side of Eros Heaven.

Something crashed on the shore of Golden Isle, and Fenyx was assigned to investigate the incident.

Different artifacts collected by player.
Collect two artifacts to complete the mission.

The game’s major objective is to collect and return the artifacts scattered in different places on the quest.

The different artifacts you need to collect are dragon statues and Agate.

How To Complete We Are Not Alone Quest?

In We Are Not Alone, you must jump over the clouds at a distance apart.

You must use different skills and strategies to complete the mission.

Meanwhile, players must use strategies and skills like Ares wrath, timing jump, and different potions.

Here are the steps related to how to complete the mission:

  1. Go to the Eros Heaven and Quest location.
Map showing Eros Heaven
Use Eros Heaven for fast travel.
  1. Investigate the crash site of the game.
Man climbing the rock
You can get a bell ring when investigating.
  1. Collect the different artifacts located at two different places.
Map locating crash site
You have to collect artifacts at two locations.
  1. Return the artifacts to their Relam to complete the mission.
Man standing after completing mission
Return all artifacts to complete the mission.

Tips And Tricks To Complete The Quest

Different tips and tricks are needed to complete the quest in the game.

You can use the following tips to complete the quest efficiently:

    1. Use Ares’s wrath rather than Athena’s dash.
    2. Take rest before jumping from one cloud to another.
    3. Use fast travel to move quickly from one area to another.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the “We Are Not Alone” quest in Immortals Fenyx Rising provides an exciting challenge for players.

This quest previews the new content in the Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC will be more exciting.

With the help above guides, players can complete the quest and continue their adventure in the mystic world.

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