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Gathering Dust In Everspace 2: Rewards And Tips

Everspace 2 Gathering Dust feature image
In the Everspace 2 Gathering Dust mission, players have to look out for data for a trader.

The Gathering Dust mission is one of the many side missions in the Everspace 2 game.

It is a relatively short mission, but it can be a bit challenging.

In the Everspace 2 Gathering Dust mission, players must look out for data for a trader named Ryker. The choice to provide data is vital to the mission’s reward.

Continue reading to learn about the Everspace 2 Gathering Dust quest.

Everspace 2: An Overview

Everspace 2 game provides players with space and planet exploration, tonnes of loot, RPG aspects, mining, and crafting.

Additionally, it has an exciting sci-fi story of secrets and puzzles with different rewards.

Different systems of Everspace 2.
You can get different missions at different systems.

Similarly, Everspace 2 players continue the story of the protagonist, Adam Roslin, where it was left on Everspace 1.

It is full of story missions and provides various side missions, making an excellent gameplay experience.

Moreover, you can explore eight-star systems with various locations, enemies, activities, and secrets.

How To Start Gathering Dust Mission?

To start the Gathering Dust mission, you must complete the primary “Old Friends” mission in the Ceto system.

After completing this mission, the Gate to the Union system opens, where you can talk with a Trader named Ryker.

Everspace 2 Gathering Dust mission overview
Visit the Trader to get the mission.

Further, reach out to the Trader, who will tell you about the lead he got on the valuable data cache.

To start the mission, talk with the Trader and choose the “Gathering Dust” option.

After you select the mission, the Trader will give you the coordinates of the Ghost Fleet located in the Deep Fields region.

How To Complete Gathering Dust Mission?

Completing the mission seems easy for the players interested in such a plot.

You have to be ready for the immense fight before starting the mission.

Here are the steps to complete the Gathering Dust Everspace 2 mission:

  1. Meet the Trader to get the information about the data cache.
  2. Then, Go to the Ceto system by tracking the coordinates he has given to you.
Trader talking with Adam
The Trader will give you info about the data cache.
  1. Here, you must find two servers and extract the data from those servers.
  2. When you arrive at the system, you will find it heavily damaged.
  3. You must fight through the inhabited group of hostile robots and drones to reach the system.
Ships fighting with invaders
Using your ship’s weapons and abilities to take them down would be best.
  1. After getting the data, search for the third server on Palemon’s Wound.
  2. You must deal with powerful enemies as you move to search for the server in the Palemon’s Wound.
Spaceship in Palaemon's wound
There is only one server in the Palaemon’s Wound.
  1. After collecting data from the server Palaemon’s Wound, go to the Ghost Fleet system.
  2. Go to the small room behind the cargo hold to get the data cache in the server.
  3. After collecting the data cache, you will know that the data is a Bloodstar archive.
Player getting the data from spaceship.
You have to find the data on different servers in different places.
  1. Then, you have to go to the Abandoned structure to meet with the Archivist at the G&B station.
  2. The Archivist will tell you about the Bloodstar archive located at the station.
Blood archive in G&B station approaching by spaceship.
The Archivist says he worked as the recorder in the station.

Now, you have two options for completing the mission.

Either you have to return the data to the Archivist or give it to Trader.

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Rewards After Completing Gathering Dust

After getting the data, there are two options for the players in the game for the rewards.

These options give you different rewards if you choose them differently from each other.

Once you have the data cache, you can choose whether to give it to the Trader or the Archivist.

To receive 500 XP and 4000 credits, you can give it to the Trader.

The amount of reward differs among the options you choose.

However, if you give the cache to the Archivist, you will receive 2000 XP and a Bloodstar decal.

The Bloodstar decal is a cosmetic item that can be applied to ship to change its appearance.

Moreover, there are no consequences for either decision, and it’s up to the player what to receive as a reward.

Tips For Gathering Dust Side Quest

Gathering Dust in Everspace 2 is an easy mission except for fighting with the inhabitant’s robots.

Here are some tips to complete the mission efficiently during your gameplay:

  1. Be prepared for a fight when you reach the derelict freighter.
  2. Use your ship weapon and abilities to eliminate the robots in the freighter.
  3. Don’t forget to use a cover to protect yourself from enemy fire.
  4. It’s better to get help from the Trader if you struggle during the fight.
  5. Ensure you have access to the Akira system.

The Bottom Line

Gathering Dust is an exciting side mission in Everspace 2 that allows players to explore the game’s universe.

Further, players can easily navigate this mission and enjoy all the Everspace 2 offers.

So jump into your spaceship and start exploring the vast universe of Everspace 2 today.

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