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Uncover Mystery Of Orin’s Kidnap And Her Victims

orin kidnap bg3
Orin has kidnap many character in bg3.

Orin has kidnap many other characters in BG3, a role-play video racing game.

She is a shapeshifting murderer capable of taking on the appearance of different creatures.

Orin Kidnap BG3 indicates that Orin has abducted several characters in the game. She wants the players to kill Gortash, and then she will release her victims. But, you must kill Orin to rescue the prisoners to earn rewards.

Continue to learn more about Orin’s kidnap and rescuing the victims in BG3.

Who Is Orin In BG3?

Orin the Red is a shapeshifter and a cult leader who worships Bhaal, the god of murder, in Baldur’s Gate 3.

She is also one of the main antagonists, where she kidnaps your companions and tries to kill you and your allies.

Similarly, she enjoys imposing pain on others and is a master at committing murders.

She is a formidable opponent is skilled in combat, and can use her shapeshifting abilities to her advantage.

orin kidnap bg3
Orin is a shapeshifter in BG3.

Similarly, players can find Orin the Red in different locations throughout the game. In Act 2, she can be located at the Mind Flayer Colony.

In Act 3, she can be found in three distinct locations: the Circus of Last Days, the City Sewers, and the Temple of Bhaal.

Moreover, she is also cunning and manipulative and is not afraid to use deception to get what she wants.

The player character must defeat Orin to save their party member and complete the third act of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who Did Orin Kidnap In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, depending on your choices and actions, Orin kidnaps some characters

Additionally, she can kidnap four possible characters: Lae’zel, Gale, Minthara and Yenna.

Orin Kidnap bg3
Orin has kidnapped some characters in the game.

In the same way, she told the players that if they killed Gortash, she would release her victims.

During Act 3 of the game, there is a quest to rescue victims who have been kidnapped.

This particular quest is called “Rescue Orin’s Victim” and serves as a subquest for the main quest “Get Orin’s Netherstone.”

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How To Rescue Orin’s Victim In BG3?

Rescue Orin’s Victim is a quest that players must complete to free the victims that Orin has kidnap.

Here are the steps you need to follow to rescue the victim that Orin has kidnap:

  1. After Orin kidnaps your companion, she takes them to the Temple of Bhaal.
  2. To free the prisoners, you must kill Gortash, a duergar leader who possesses the powerful Netherstone artifact.
  3. You have two options: kill Gortash and bring his Netherstone to her or find the Temple of Bhaal and rescue your companion.
  4. If you choose to kill Gortash, you must enter his base in the Undercity Ruins and fight your way through his guards.
Gortash in BG3
You should kill Gortash in BG3.
  1. Find him in a room with a portal and Netherstone. You can fight or convince him for the Netherstone.
  2. If you succeed, you can return to Orin and trade the Netherstone for your companion.
  3. Similarly, to find the Temple of Bhaal, explore the Undercity Ruins and look for clues.
  4. Once you reach the temple, you will see her holding your companion hostage.
  5. You should fight with Orin.
Fight with Orin
You should fight with Orin.
  1. Further, she will use her shapeshifting abilities to transform into different creatures and attack you.
  2. You will have to use your skills and items to defeat her.
  3. Once you defeat Orin, you will free the prisoner and get rewards.

The Bottom Line

In BG3, Orin the Red kidnaps some of the characters and makes them hostages.

Therefore, if you manage to defeat her, you will obtain some exceptional magical weapons from her corpse.

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