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Peacock Premier League Not Working: Causes And Fixes

Peacock streaming provides numerous TV series, movies, and live news but the streams sometimes have problems.

The Premier League is Peacock’s one of the most streamed shows, and it not working has set the audience off.

Despite the glitch errors disturbing the Premier League, there are some ways to get your streaming started again.

While everyone relishes uninterrupted Peacock Premier League streaming, the occasional glitches can be annoying. Still, some fixes exist, such as checking the internet, restarting the website and maintaining your subscription.

Continue reading about the Premier League not working in the Peacock stream.

What Is Peacock TV?

Peacock TV is a large and popular streaming service offering TV series, movies, and live news.

Similarly, Peacock began broadcasting Premier League games in 2021 after NBC Sports acquired the rights in 2013.

However, in 2022, USA Network replaced NBCSN as the broadcaster for these games.

Additionally, the Peacock streamers are also offered two streaming plans that include:

  1. Premium Plan: A basic plan for the users to watch streams with some ads.
  2. Premium Pro Plan: A slightly luxurious plan that provides over 10,000 hours of ad-supported movies, TV shows and Live matches.

With every Live game, the Peacock Stream allows you to watch the premier league for up to 30 days.

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Peacock’s Premier League Not Working: Causes

The problems encountered while streaming the Premier League in the Peacock Streams might be addressed as follows:

1. Service Outrage

Like every other streaming website, the Peacock too experiences occasional outages

If you are experiencing an outage, you can always verify through the Peacock status page to see if there are any known issues.

2. Poor Internet Connection

Sometimes it might be your internet connection that is causing the problem.

Similarly, the Peacock stream requires a minimum internet speed of 3 Mbps for smooth and disturbance-free streaming.

If your internet connection is slower than that, or you are experiencing problems, you may have trouble streaming Peacock.

3. The Site Crash

Sometimes there might just be a problem with the Peacock app or website.

If you are using the Peacock app, ensure it is up to date and try restarting it or your device.

If you are using the Peacock website, make sure that your browser is up to date and that you are using a supported browser.

4. Your Subscription

As mentioned, the Peacock stream provided the users with two plans: Free and Premium.

As the Premier League is programmed only to run in the Premium plan, you might have to upgrade your subscription.

Peacock’s Premier League Not Working: Fixes

The issues encountered by the Premier League not working might look vast but they can solved with very little effort.

Here are a few solutions if your Premear league is Not Working in Peacock.

1. Check Your Connection

Peacock requires a strong internet connection to work. You might face lots of problems, such as taking time to load the movies, series and live matches like Premiere Leagues.

Therefore, ensure that your Wi-Fi or cellular data is working on the other devices first to know the speed of your network.

Additionally, you can measure your internet connection speed and optimize it to the recommended data speed.

The recommended minimum data speeds are at least 3Mbps for HD content and 8Mbps for high-quality live TV.

2. Check The Server Of Peacock Stream

Sometimes if the peacock is not working, it might not be your device problem.

There might be a server outage or server problem from Peacock that can prevent you from using the Premiere League.

Furthermore, there are no server outages for now, but there is always a chance.

When facing a server issue, try clearing the app cache or reinstalling the app. To verify the server’s status, you may also want to visit Down Detector.

The Bottom Line

Peacock TV is a streaming service offering a wide range of content, including Premier League games.

Despite its popularity, the Peacock stream occasionally has Premier League not working issues, and some solutions exist.

By addressing these potential challenges, viewers can make the most of their Peacock streaming experience and enjoy their favorite sports content hassle-free.

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