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Rhys Griffiths Sleep Token: The Mystery Behind The Mask

rhys griffiths sleep token
Know about Rhys Griffiths Sleep Token

Sleep Token is a band that has been masked in mystery since its debut in 2016.

They play a unique blend of alternative metal, post-rock, and indie pop and have been praised for their captivating sound.

The leader and vocalist of the band is known as Vessel, while the other members are identified by Roman numerals. Furthermore, one of these members is Rhys Griffiths, who plays the guitar as IV in Sleep Token.
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Who Is Rhys Griffiths From Sleep Token?

Rhys Griffiths is a British musician who joined Sleep Token in 2019, replacing the previous guitarist, Sam Kubrick.

Before joining Sleep Token, Rhys was the guitarist and vocalist for Continents, a metalcore band from South Wales.

He was also the guitar tech for Sleep Token until he became a full-time member.

Rhys Griffiths
Rhys Griffiths as a IV is a guitarist from Sleep Token.

Rhys is known for his versatile and expressive guitar playing, which ranges from heavy riffs to melodic solos.

He also contributes to the backing vocals and harmonies in Sleep Token.

As IV, he wears a white mask with black markings and a hooded cloak.

However, Rhys Griffiths is one of the few members of Sleep Token who has revealed his identity to the public.

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Who Is Sleep Token?

Sleep Token is a band from London that combines elements of alternative metal, post-rock, progressive metal, and indie pop.

The band is inspired by a fictional deity called Sleep, who they claim to worship and serve.

According to their lore, Sleep is the source of all music and creativity, and the band is his chosen vessel to spread his message.

The band’s music is characterized by contrast and diversity, blending soft and hard sounds, light and dark themes, and various genres and influences.

Furthermore, the band’s lyrics often deal with topics such as love, loss, faith, and hope.

Vessel is the band’s vocalist and has a distinctive voice that can switch from soulful crooning to powerful screaming.

There have been three albums released by the band so far:

  1. Sundowning in 2019
  2. This Place Will Become Your Tomb in 2021
  3. Take Me Back to Eden in 2023
Sleep Token latest album
Sleep Token’s latest album Take Me Back to Eden.

The band has also performed at various festivals and tours, such as Reading and Leeds.

Member’s Identity Of Sleep Token

Sleep Token is a band that values secrecy and anonymity.

The members do not reveal their real names, faces, or personal details.

They only use their stage names and masks to communicate with their fans and the media.

The band claims that this is to protect their identity and privacy, as well as to focus on the music and the message of Sleep.

However, some fans and media outlets have tried to uncover the true identity of the band members.

They use clues such as their voices, tattoos, social media posts, and previous projects.

Some of the speculated identities of the band members are:

  1. Vessel: Leo George Faulkner, a singer and songwriter.
  2. II: Adam Pedder, a drummer.
  3. III: Dave Ball, a guitarist.
  4. IV: Rhys Griffiths, a guitarist and vocalist.
  5. Espera: Mathilda Riley, Lynsey Ward, and Paige Philips, the backing vocalists.

However, these identities are not confirmed by the band or their label, and the band prefers to keep their mystery intact.

The Bottom Line

Rhys Griffiths is a talented and mysterious guitarist who plays as IV in the Sleep Token band.

Moreover, he is known for his versatile and expressive guitar playing, as well as his backing vocals and harmonies.

Likewise, he wears a white mask and a hooded cloak to conceal his identity, along with the rest of the band.

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