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SnowRunner Hummer Upgrades: Location Guide

SnowRunner hummer Upgrades-Location Guide
A guide for upgrading the Hummer H2 in SnowRunnner.

SnowRunner is known for its extreme off-road simulations, where players drive heavy vehicles in a harsh environment.

The Hummer H2 is an in-game vehicle that can be further upgraded by searching for the necessary items.

SnowRunner has seven hidden locations where players can upgrade their Hummer H2 by completing tasks. Combining different load-outs for Hummer H2 can help them go through any road and deep mud in the game.

Continue reading to learn more about the Snowrunner hummer upgrades location.

How To Get The Hummer H2 In SnowRunner?

The Hummer H2 in SnowRunner is a scouting vehicle with an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

Its reasonably large tank and low fuel consumption make it best for long-distance scouting.

Furthermore, the Hummer provides truck-like durability, military scout-like versatility and van-like speed.

Snowrunner hummer upgrade-The Hummer H2
The Hummer H2 from SnowRunner.

To get your Hummer H2 in SnowRunner, visit the following locations and complete the required tasks.

  1. The Drowned Hummer task in North Port, Alaska.
  2. The Lost But Not Forgotten task in Black Badger Lake, Wisconsin.
  3. The Bad Trip task in The Albany River.

SnowRunner Hummer Upgrades Location

There are seven different locations for SnowRunner Hummer upgrades.

Here are all of the Hummer upgrades and locations for players to enhance their Hummer H2.

1. Black River, Coordinates: 175.45, -167.11

A gearbox with higher off-road performance can be obtained in this location upon completion of the SnowRunner task.

Additionally, this gearbox supports three low-gear stages but gives up the gear count, speed and fuel efficiency.

Snowrunner black river map location
Snowrunner task for a gearbox in Black River.

2. Smithville Dam, Coordinates: -440.29, -335.40

Players can find an advanced gearbox with a higher gear count, top speed and an added high gear in this location.

However, the overall reliability of the vehicle decreases with this upgrade.

Snowrunner Smithville in-game location
Freeway task for gearbox in Smithville Dam.

3. North Port, Coordinates: -560.38, 731.12

After completing the Engageable task, a locking differential kit can be obtained in this location.

This kit makes traversing in uneven terrain more manageable.

Snowrunner in-game north port location
Engageable task for a locking differential kit in North Port.

4. North Port, Coordinates: -205.73, 637.88

This location provides players with a new engine for the Hummer H2.

Likewise, the engine increases the vehicle’s power output, durability and acceleration but decreases fuel efficiency.

Snowrunner upgrade location: North Port
Het/8V 6,2 task for an engine in North Port.
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5. North Port, Coordinates: 187.27, -776.95

Players can receive a raised suspension kit in this location upon completing the Raised task.

This kit allows the Hummer H2 to traverse on old and off-road terrains.

snowrunner in-game raised task location.
Raised task for a suspension kit in North Port.

6. White Valley, Coordinates: 535.26, 783.33

This location can provide players with the Het/8V 2T military-grade engine.

Furthermore, this engine provides the ultimate power output, acceleration and durability to the Hummer H2 while remaining portable.

snowrunner hummer upgrade: Military engine,
Het/8V 6,2T task for a military-grade engine in White Valley.

7. Grainwoods River, Coordinates: -378.39, -809.08

Players can find a freely configurable gearbox after completing the Fine-tune task in this location.

In brief, the gearbox is less durable and makes the vehicle less fuel efficient, especially in the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) mode.

snowrunner hummer upgrades: fine tune
Fine-tune task for a gearbox in Grainwoods River.

The Bottom Line

Finally, all vehicles in SnowRunner require players to grind for upgrade parts, and these are the only upgrade locations for the Hummer H2.

So, visit all the locations and complete the required tasks to get hold of the Hummer upgrade parts.

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