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Spellsparkler And Joltshooter Guide

The spellsparkler and Joltshooter are the weapons that can be obtained in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The main mission of this game is to find a way to remove the tadpole, a mysterious parasite that has been implanted in your brain.

The tadpole gives you strange powers but also threatens to turn you into a mind flayer yourself.

players have to obtain the Spellsparkler and Joltshooter by completing the quest called Rescue the Duke and with the help of these weapons heavy damage is given to the enemy.

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What Is Spellsparkler?

Spellsparker is a wand that can cast a random cantrip, such as a fire bolt, ray of frost, acid splash, or shocking grasp.

The wand can generate lightning charges to power up other items in the same set, such as boots, gloves, or a crossbow.

It can provide various effects and damage types depending on the cantrip.

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What Is Joltshooter?

Joltshooter is a weapon that is a longbow that can deal extra lightning damage to enemies in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Spellsparkler or S Soltshooter
Spellsparkler in the gameplay.

Afterward, The player can use these charges to power up other items or abilities that have the Electric Blood effect.

Joltshooter can be obtained as a reward for saving Counsellor Florick from Waukeen’s Rest and unlocking the Rescue the Grand Duke questline.

How To Get A Spellsparkler?

Firstly, players need to complete a quest called Rescue the Duke at Waukeen’s Rest, a location in the northern part of the map.

Obtaining spellsparkler in the game.

Furthermore, players will encounter a group of bandits who have captured a duke named Florrick and his bodyguards.

Afterward, players can either fight the bandits, sneak past them, or persuade them to let them in.

After reaching the duke, free him and his bodyguards by :

  1. Either killing the bandit leader
  2. Convincing him to surrender
  3. Using the password “Waukeen”.

After you rescue the duke, he will reward players for helping him, players have to  choose one of three items:

  1. The Spellsparkler
  2. The sparky points
  3.  The joltshooter.

It is best suited as it increases their magic power and allows them to deal extra lightning damage with their spells.

How To Get A Joltshooter?

Firstly, players need to accomplish the quest “Rescue the Grand Duke” in the Risen Road region.

This quest involves saving Counsellor Florick from Waukeen’s Rest, a tavern that is under attack by Zhentarim mercenaries.

Players can find Florick in a hidden room behind a bookshelf on the second floor of the tavern.

Furthermore, gamers need to persuade him to come with them and escape through the basement.

Once you reach the exit, you will encounter a group of Zhentarim soldiers led by Captain Zevlor. Either fight them or try to talk your way out.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Spellsparkler And Joltshooter?

Both weapons have the Electric Blood effect, the benefits of using Spellsparkler and

Joltshooter is given below:

ParametersThe Crew The Crew 2
Story ModeYes, follows Alex Taylor’s infiltration of the 510sNo, focuses on four motorsport families
Vehicle TypesCars and motorcycles onlyCars, motorcycles, planes, boats, monster trucks, dragsters, hovercrafts
Vehicle SwitchingNo, only Fast TravelYes, Fast Fav allows instant switching
Graphics and LightingGood, but outdatedBetter, more realistic and dynamic
Skill Challenges and ActivitiesMore, but less variedFewer, but more varied
Map size and DiversityLarge and diverse, but less detailedSmaller and less diverse, but more detailed
Factions and PvP ModesYes, adds more replay valueNo, not yet implemented
Customization OptionsLess, only performance parts and some visual partsMore, performance parts, visual parts, vanity items, liveries
Loot SystemNo, you can only buy or earn performance partsYes, you can randomly drop performance parts

How To Use Spellsparkler And Joltshooter?

The uses of Spellsparkler are given below: 

To use the Spellsparkler, players need to equip it in their main hand and select it as their active weapon.

One can then use your action to attack with it or use your bonus action to cast a spell or cantrip with it.

Players will gain two Lightning Charges every time they cast a spell or cantrip with the Spellsparkler.

They can use these charges to activate Brace (Ranged) or Hamstring Shot skills, which are available when you right-click on the weapon icon.

Brace gives you an advantage on ranged attacks until the end of your turn, while Hamstring Shot reduces the target’s speed by half.

The uses of Joltshooter are given below:

To use it, players need to equip it in both hands and select it as their active weapon.

They can then use your action to attack with it or use your bonus action to dash or hide if you have the appropriate class features.

Furthermore, They will gain one Lightning Charge every time you deal damage with the Joltshooter.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Spellsparkler And Joltshooter?

Some of the drawbacks of the Spellsparkler and the Joltshooter are:

  1. They are mutually exclusive.
  2. They require attunement.
  3. They may conflict with other items in the Sparky set.

The Bottom Line

The Spellsparkler and Joltshooter are powerful weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can be obtained through specific quests.

Similarly, both weapons are deadly and used to complete the other remaining tasks with the help of these weapons.

These weapons add depth to the gameplay in Baldur’s Gate 3, offering unique abilities and damage.

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