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Veigar Buff League Of Legends Patch 14.2

Veigar Buff League Of Legends Patch 14.2
The recent League of Legends Patch 14.2 provides a significant buff to the Veigar, improving the champion’s power by increasing his base HP.

In League of Legends, after the latest patch 14.2 preview, Veigar has a significant buff to his health.

Additionally, Veigar will get more HP after this patch, making battles with him more difficult.

The recent League of Legends Patch 14.2 provides a significant buff to the Veigar, improving the champion’s power by increasing his base HP. However, players must wait some days to enjoy this patch as it only comes after January 24, 2024.

Continue reading this article to learn more about Veigar Buff League of Legends patch 14.2.

Who Is Veigar In League of Legends?

Veigar, also known as THE TINY MASTER OF EVIL, is one of the champions in League of Legends, with significant damage.

As a mage with burst damage, Veigar stands out for his magical skills, making him the most powerful champion.

Similarly, utilizing mana as a power source, Veigar focuses on ranged attacks to eliminate opponents during gameplay.

Players can deploy this champion in various roles during gameplay, like in the mid, bottom, and as a support.

Veigar THE TINY MASTER OF EVIL League of Legends
Veigar, THE TINY MASTER OF EVIL in League of Legends.

Additionally, in the game, this champion has a difficulty rating of 2, which means it has a moderate level of complexity for players.

Lastly, after the recent update, buffs for this champion have also increased, as per the released preview of the patch.

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League Of Legends Patch 14.2: Veigar Buffs

Matt Leung-Harrison and David Turley, Game Designer, have released the League of Legends Patch 14.2 preview.

According to this latest preview posted by them on Twitter and YouTube, several champion buffs have been enhanced.

The champions receiving buffs in this patch include Veigar, Shen, Karthus, Ahri, Camille, Darius, Ezreal, Garen, and Karma.

Patch 14.2 Champion Buffs.
Matt Leung-Harrison, Lead Gameplay Designer, posted about patch 14.2 Champion Buffs.

In this patch, they have increased the Base HP of Veigar from 550-2386 to 580–2417, making it more challenging.

After this patch, Veigar will gain more health, and defeating this champion during the battle will be hard.

The developers have only posted the previews of champion buffs; they might add more when they release it officially.

What’s More In Patch 14.2?

Besides Veigar, the developer has added Buffs to the various champions in League of Legends patch 14.2.

Likewise, overall game time is now stable and slightly higher than the previous patch.

After this update, players can find different objectives in a good spot, offering a better gaming experience.

Similarly, the cooldown has been reduced for champions like Ahri, Hwei, and Camille.

The developers have also tried to address burst issues, and moderate reductions in burst damage are being considered.

Lastly, champions will receive buffs and nerfs based on their performance with new items.

The Bottom Line

Veigar is a powerful mage in League of Legends, specializing in burst damage with ranged magical skills.

The recent patch 14.2 brings buffs to Veigar, increasing his base HP and making him more challenging to defeat.

Additionally, the patch includes buffs and adjustments to other champions, aiming to enhance the overall gameplay.

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