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What Is Wulbren Tools In Baldur’s Gate 3?

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BG3 Wulbren Tools are the tools that are used to release the Wulbren and others from his cells.

BG3 Wulbren Tools are the tools used during the side quest of the game.

There are several methods to complete this quest, each with challenges and rewards.

BG3 Wulbren Tools are the tools that are used to release the Wulbren and others from his cells. Once you have rescued Wulbren, you can choose how to finish the quest.
Continue reading to learn about Wulbren’s tools and how to rescue him from the prison in the game.

What Is Wulbren Tool?

Wulbren Tools are the item that is used to save Wulbren, imprisoned in Moonrise Towers Prison.

Additionally, Wulbren Bongle is a gnome character in the well-known game Baldur’s Gate 3.

He is found in three different locations: Grymforge, Moonrise Towers Prision and Last Light Inn.

Wulbren Bongle
Wulbren Bongle in BG3.

In Act 2, he is central to the side quest “Rescue Wulbren.”

This quest involves saving him from the clutches of the Absolute.

It would be best to give him different tools to release him from his cell.

How To Rescue Wulbern?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, to rescue Wulbern, you must enter the Moonrise Towers Prison.

Similarly, you must find and talk with Lina and Wulbern, which will alert the guards.

bg3 wulbren tools
Find and talk with Lina and Wulbern

Furthermore, use the Deception spell to take them down.

Here are different methods which you can use to rescue Wulbern:

1. Export a Hammer

You can rescue Wulbren by sneaking an item into his cell.

Similarly, he requires a hammer, available in the Evidence Chest of the Warden’s Tower.

Hammer is bg3 wulbren tools
Give Hammer to the Wulbren.

After getting the hammer, toss it to Wulbren or any unused bludgeoning weapon.

Furthermore, he’ll wait for the guards to pass before breaking the wall.

2. Use Oubliette

Another way to save Wulbren is by employing the Oubliette.

The Oubliette, a hidden dungeon, can be entered by activating a lever found in the Warden’s Tower.

Once you’re in the Oubliette, you can release Wulbren and the other gnomes.

This is the safest choice, avoiding any issues.

However, you will also miss the opportunity to free the tieflings who are imprisoned in the same area.

3. Warden Levers

Another way to save Wulbren is by utilizing the Warden Levers.

This choice involves battling guards and is seen as the riskiest.

The Warden Levers are found in the Warden’s Tower and can unlock all prison cells.

Warden Levers
Beware, using levers will attract guards who will rush in to intervene.

It’s important to avoid fighting since the guards, being Paladins, possess Lay on Hands to heal themselves and their allies.

After rescuing Wulbern, another genome should escort Wulbren to the Last Light Inn and ensure their safety.

Then, you can go and break the chain of the boat to escape.

Also, approach Barcus by the bar at the Last Light Inn to receive your reward for rescuing the Tiefling.

bg3 wulbren tools
Use the Boat to go to The Light Inn.

Rewards Of Rescuing Wulbern

You’ll receive the reward “The Brilliant Retort” by Barcus Wroot after saving the Wulbern.

After talking to Wulbren, you will also get 6oo golds as a reward for saving him.

Reward 600 golds
Receive 600 golds as a reward from Wulbren.

Furthermore, ensure to extract something from the clever individual who claims credit for the escape to get more reward.

After achieving this, you can explore his history, community, and hopes for Baldur’s Gate.

The Bottom Line

Players have various ways to save Wulbren in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Furthermore, they can pick a method based on your playstyle and liking.

Moreover, you can pick any method to enhance the game’s story with excitement and satisfaction.

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