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Starfield God Mode Command: How To Enable It?

In Starfield, there are various console commands and cheats especially for PCs. Players can use them to manipulate the game in various ways.

Starfield God Mode command is one of the many commands that grants players invincibility and unlimited resources. For this, you need to access the command console and type in the command “tgm.”

In this article, we will look into the God Mode command and other several commands in  Starfield and how to implement them in the console.

Starfield God Mode Command: An Overview

God Mode is a command cheat in Starfield by using the command console. The short  code to put input for God Mode is “tgm.” Players can type tgm in the console for “toggle god mode.”

Doing so allows you to become invincible, have unlimited stamina and ammunition, and carry infinite weight in the game. It also provides infinite health and oxygen.

Process To Enable Starfield God Mode Command

Players need to access the command console to enable god mode in Starfield.

Additionally, you need to remember that while using certain console commands, it will disable your achievements.

Similarly, you can load or start a new game without using commands if you want to unlock the achievements.

Here are the easy steps to follow to enable God Mode in Starfield:

1. Launch The Game

Currently, enabling commands and cheats are only available for PC versions; unfortunately, Xbox players can not use this feature.

Therefore, First, players must start the game on their PC. They have to load the game, or they can also start a new one.

2. Open Console

After launching the game, players have to open the command console.

They must press the Tilde key (~) or Grave (‘) key while in-game or using the menu system.

starfield god mode command
You have to press Tilde key.

3. Enter The Code

Once the command console appears, you have to enter the codes. The code to enable God Mode is “tgm.”

Now, enter “tgm” in the console and press Enter. You can see the message saying “God Mode On” in the top left corner of the screen.

This means you have successfully enabled god mode, which gives you complete invincibility and unlimited ammo.

Players can toggle this mode on and off by re-entering the code on their console command.

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Benefits Of Using God Mode In Starfield

In Starfield, using various commands and cheat codes can benefit the players.

Players can customize their game experiences according to their preferences and play styles.

Additionally, you have the ability to customize the game’s difficulty, graphics, interface, and other settings to fit your preferences.

Similarly, some of the benefits of enabling God Mode in Starfield are given below:

  • You can willingly explore the game world without fearing death because you are invulnerable.
  • Players can experiment with different weapons and items without worrying about ammo because the game provides unlimited ammo when enabled.
  • It provides unlimited energy and enables you to carry more weight.

Best Commands In Satrfield

Except for the God Mode command in Starfield, there are several other console command codes and cheats.

Here is a list of some of them:

Crew MotorefestFeatures

The Bottom Line

After activating Starfield God Mode, players can enjoy numerous benefits and advantages.

Since the game has several commands, it depends upon players to use any of them.

Moreover, you can combine the commands with other commands and cheats to create more customized and fun game experiences.

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