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How Is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Switch Performance?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Featured Image
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Switch performance is satisfying in the game.

One of the players’ concerns about the game is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Switch Performance.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a highly anticipated game recently released on the Nintendo Switch.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Switch performance is satisfying in the game. The game runs at a stable 30 frames per second (fps) with an option to unlock it to 60 fps in the settings. 
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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: An Overview

In the game universe, rival crews are armed with boostpacks that resemble jetpacks, as well as a combination of roller and skate shoes.

Similarly, these crews contend for territory by leaving graffiti in an exceptionally artistic and sonically immersive world.

Cyberfunk skating on ground
You have to make graffiti in the game.

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, players can design a character and guide their crew’s efforts in claiming city areas.

By adorning walls with your crew’s graffiti, you “bomb” the city to earn REP and challenge other crews to dance-offs.

Furthermore, you can showcase your skills with tricks and outshine them in a battle of flair and cunning.

How Is Bomb Rush Cyberpunk Performance On Switch?

The Bomb Rush Cyberpunk was released on the Switch platform on August 18, 2023.

Many people have taken it as a most play game on different platforms.

On the Switch, players can run this game at a refresh rate of  30 FPS and experience a relatively stable 60 FPS.

In the game’s settings, there’s an option to turn off the 30 fps lock, allowing players to enjoy the game with a higher framerate.

Players have also noted minor slowdowns in expansive areas playing with 60 FPS.

Review of Bomb Rush Cyperfunk
A player stated about his lag on 60 FPS.

Meanwhile, these don’t disrupt the gameplay experience significantly.

Some mentioned they might briefly drop the framerate into the 50s upon entering a new area.

However, the developers may address these issues in the game’s upcoming updates and patches.

Graffiti done by an player.
People can feel the visual of 720P in the game.

Additionally, players reported no slowdowns while playing with the 30 fps lock active.

Regarding visual quality, another player observed that the game’s appearance surpasses 720p on the Switch.

Tips and Tricks

As you play the Bomb Rush Cyberpunk, you get various chances to show your skills.

Here are some of the tips and tricks you can use in the game:

  1. You can link your tricks and graffiti to form combos and raise your score.
  2. Completing a combo transforms your score into boost power.
Player performing combo in the game.
Perform a combo to boost the score.
  1. The more stylish your performance, the greater your ability to use this boost power for flying through the city at high speeds.
  2. If you manage an impressive combo, you’ll enter Bomb Rush Mode, granting unlimited boost power.
Player on Bomb Rush Mode
Bomb Rush mode provides unlimited boost power.

The Bottom Line

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk showcases strong performance on the Nintendo Switch.

The game maintains a consistent framerate, allowing players to unlock higher framerates if desired.

Meanwhile, the occasional minor slowdowns in expansive zones have minimal impact on the gameplay.

Furthermore, these observations are based on player experiences and may vary depending on hardware and other factors.

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