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Coral Island Osmium Crops: A Guide For Beginners

coral island osmium crops
A guide to Coral Island Osmium Crops

Coral Island is a farming simulation game that lets you grow various crops on your island farm.

One of the features of the game is the crop quality system, which determines the value and usefulness of your harvests.

In Coral Island, Osmium Crops are the highest quality crops which are useful for completing quests and restoring health. Osmium crops are the most valuable and rarest crops in the game.
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What Are Osmium Crops In Coral Island?

Osmium crops are crops that have a bluish-gray star on them, indicating that they are of osmium quality.

Furthermore, they sell for the highest price and can be used for certain quests and recipes.

It also has the highest nutritional value, restoring the most health and energy when consumed.

Osmium crops are not a separate type of crop, but rather a quality level that can be applied to any crop.

For example, you can have osmium potatoes, osmium strawberries, or osmium cactus flowers.

The quality of a crop depends on several factors, such as the season, the soil, the fertilizer, and the seed quality.

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How To Get Osmium Crops In Coral Island?

Getting osmium crops in Coral Island is not easy, but it is possible with some patience and planning.

Here are some tips to help you get osmium crops:

1. Upgrade Your Seeds At The Laboratory

You can upgrade your seeds to osmium quality by using osmium kelp essence.

Osmium kelp essence
Use Osmium kelp essence to upgrade your seeds in Coral Island

Furthermore, it can be obtained by processing osmium kelp in an extractor.

Upgrading your seeds will increase the base quality of your crops, which will have a higher chance of getting osmium crops.

2. Use Fertilizer On Your Crops

Fertilizers can boost the quality of your crops by adding a random bonus to the base quality.

You can buy fertilizer at Sam’s General Store or craft it yourself using compost.

There are three levels of fertilizer: I, II, and III. The higher the level, the higher the bonus.

Fertilizer III can give you up to a +3 quality bonus, which can make a big difference in getting osmium crops.

Fertilizer III
Use Fertilizer III to grow osmium crops in Coral Island.

3. Plant Crops In The Right Season

Crops are generally seasonal, meaning that they will only grow and thrive in their specified season.

Planting crops in the wrong season will reduce their quality and yield.

Some crops are multi-seasonal, meaning that they can grow in more than one season.

For example, hot peppers can grow in both summer and fall.

Planting multi-seasonal crops can give you more chances to get osmium crops, as they will not die when the season changes.

4. Protect Your Crops From Crows

Crows are pesky birds that can damage your crops and lower their quality.

You can prevent crows from attacking your crops by placing scarecrows on your farm.

Scarecrows can cover a 9×9 area around them, so make sure to place them strategically to cover all your crops.

5. Try To Get Giant Crops

Giant crops are special crops that can grow when you plant nine crops of the same type in a 3×3 square.

Giant crops have a higher quality and yield than regular crops and can sometimes be of osmium quality.

To get giant crops, you need to water all the crops in the square every day until they are fully grown.

Then, you need to wait for a random chance for them to merge into a giant crop.

Similarly, you can harvest giant crops by using an axe.

The Bottom Line

Osmium crops are the ultimate goal for any farmer in Coral Island, as they are the most valuable and useful crops in the game.

Furthermore, Osmium crops are not easy to get, but they are worth the effort and investment.

By following the tips in this article, you can increase your chances of getting osmium crops and enjoy their benefits.

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