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How To Complete The Crew 2 Chicago Heist?

The Crew 2 Chicago Heist is a challenging mission.

The Crew 2 Chicago Heist is a thrilling story mission from the American Legends episode.

It involves finding the clues and chasing a stolen Jaguar E-Type Series 1 car.

The Crew 2 Chicago Heist includes 12 steps that players need to finish in order to complete the heist. But, each step in Chicago Heist has a specific objective and location. 

Continue reading the article for detailed step-by-step procedures to complete the Chicago Heist.

The Crew 2 Chicago Heist: An Overview

Chicago Heist is among the four stories that The Crew 2 features in American Legends.

In fact, you can unlock The Crew 2 Chicago Heist mission by reaching the Icon 1 level and only after completing the previous story missions.

Moreover, this mission requires players to find clues, chase suspects, and escape the police.

Players can get a Jaguar E-Type Series 1 car as a reward if they complete it.

Steps To Complete The Crew 2 Chicago Heist

The Chicago Heist is the biggest heist in The Crew 2 story mode.

Hence, players must complete all 12 steps in the story at once to unlock the further steps and finish the mission.

The location of the steps is listed below.

StepsLocation Of Mission
Old Building in Saint LouisSaint Louis(South of Chicago)
The ReactorNuclear Power Plant (West of Chicago)
Isolated CaravanGreat Salt Lake(northeast of Las Vegas)
Ice TrackIce Track, Jackson Hole Valley(Farwest of Chicago)
Dinner In BarronBaron (northwest of Chicago)
Chicago MilleniumChicago Millenium
Meeting In Saint LouisSaint Louis (South of Chicago)
The House In Santa FESanta FE (North-west of Dallas)
Motel In Las VegasLas Vegas
Building In MojaveMojave (South of Las Vegas)
Los Angeles CourthouseLos Angeles
House On The BeachOrange County (East of Los Angeles)

Here are the 12 steps to complete the Chicago Heist story mission.

1. Old Building In Saint Louis

The story begins when the protagonist of the story mode decides to gather and form a team to find the thief of a Jaguar E-Type Series 1 car from an auction.

The first step in Chicago Heist is to locate and travel to the old building in Saint Louise, which is located in the South of Chicago.

You can travel to Old Building in Saint Louis using the waypoint on the map.

Further, it is easier to follow the waypoint mark on the map for every 12 steps to complete the heist.

2. The Reactor

In order to form a team, the character decides to go to a Nuclear Power Plant located in the west of Chicago to pick up Tom, a former security system expert.

The Nuclear Power Plant is located to the west of Chicago.

3. Isolated Caravan

The third step of the heist is to find Derek, an old friend from Great Sea Lake, who is a car expert mechanic.

However, he is found at Caravan facing the lake.

Derek’s car has been stolen and is in an isolated caravan.

4. Ice Track

For the fourth step, the player must drive to the Jackson Hole Valley in the West of Chicago to track down the thief, Jackie.

ice -tack-chicago-heist
Travel to the Jackson Hole Valley from Great Salt Lake.

5. Dinner In Barron

Jackie runs away from Jackson Valley and reaches Barron.

In order to complete this step, you must travel to Barron, located north of Chicago.

Jackie is in a small isolated home in between fields in Barron.

6. Chicago Millenium

You need to travel to the entrance of the Chicago Millenium with any ground vehicle to finish this step.

Further, you can take a shorter route if you like to, in between the fields.

You can complete this step by using ground vehicle.

7. Meeting In Saint Louis

The event step requires a player to drive to the old building in Saint Louis (south of Chicago)

Furthermore, they can use any ground vehicle to reach there.

The seventh step of the Chicago Heist mission is Meeting in Saint Louis.

8. The House In Santa Fe

This is the shortest step among the twelve in the Chicago heist story.

However, players must now go to the small house in Santa Fe, located northwest of Dallas, Texas.

Derek and his friends must travel to a small house in Santa Fe.

9. Motel In Las Vegas

Tom traces the call from Jackie using a Security bug.

And Tom finds the call is from a motel in Vegas.

Thus, the player must travel to a motel in Las Vegas in any land vehicle.

Travel to the Motel in Las Vegas.

10. Building In Mojave

Equally important, the target is the small isolated building in Mojave, South of Los Vegas.

Nonetheless, you must travel to Mojave from the motel in Las Vegas.

The building in Mojave is located near the cross-section

11. Los Angeles Courthouse

After finding the building in Mojave, the player must travel to the Los Angeles Courthouse.

Here, the main objective of this step is to escape from the cops.

Escape the police.

12. House On The Beach

Finally, the player can finally locate the legendary Jaguar E-Type Series 1 car in a house on the beach.

When you reach the house on the beach, your Chicago Heist mission is completed.

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Rewards For Completing The Chicago Heist

When you finish all the steps in the Chicago Heist mission, You will get game experience points as a reward.

In addition to it, you’ll unlock the legendary car Jaguar E-Type Series 1.

You can access to Jaguar E-Type Series 1 car in the Vehicles section.

The Bottom Line

In brief, The Crew 2 Chicago Heist is the biggest heist in The Crew 2 story mode.

However, it includes 12 steps that players must finish to complete the heist.

When you finish all the steps, you will get the legendary car Jaguar E-Type Series 1 as a reward.

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