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Malus Memoirs Crew 2 Story Explained In Detail

Malus Memoirs Crew 2
Malus Memoirs Crew 2 story explained

Gamers are excited about Malus Memoirs Crew 2, and the release of Motorflix season 9 is attracting their curiosity.

Season 9 has two episodes: American Legends and an Unannounced second episode.

Similarly, there are four new stories in the American Legends, among which Malu’s Memoirs is one.

Malus Memoirs Crew 2 is the story shared by Motorfest host Malu in the game. There are 12 steps in the story, and players can get several rewards after completing them.

Continue reading the article to find details about Malus Memoirs story in The Crew 2.

What Is Malus Memoirs In The Crew 2?

Malus Memoirs is among the four stories released in the Motorflix season 9 episode 1.

The stories help players unlock some exclusive new rewards and reach new levels.

Similarly, the player of The Crew can explore and complete the 12 steps of the Malu’s Memories stories.

And they can be able to unlock the next Malu edition, known as Nissan 300ZX.

Malus Memoirs Crew 2 Story Overview

Malus Memoirs is the story of Motorfest host Malu, and throughout this, she explores her memories and discovers certain details about her life.

She was born in Hawaii and moved to Los Angeles with her father before starting college.

Therefore, in Motorflix Season 9 Episode 1, Malu has shared the places she traveled with her father.

Since there are 12 steps in this story, players need to complete each step simultaneously to unlock the other step.

A Year With My FatherLos Angeles Airport
Two Kinds Of LoveLA Airport - The Unloading pier
My Other FamilyLos Angeles - San Bernardino
The Old GarageSan Bernardino - The Little 7 Days Market
Desert WheelsMojave Dessert - The Ferris Wheel
World ExplorersDeath Valley - The Eiffel Tower
Stunt ShowLos Vegas - The Lopping
Sandy DunesDeath Valley - Abandoned house
Stories From The Old DaysGreat Sand Dune - Bob’s Garage
Powered By NatureSalt Lake City - Hoover Dam Bridge
One Last DriveLake Mead - The Dennis Food
Back To HawaiiGiant Sequoia Forest - The Motorfest Building

Below are the 12 steps mentioned in Malu’s Memoirs story.

1. A Year With My Father

This is the first phase in Malus memoirs Crew 2, and Malu shares her memories of spending time with her father in Los Angeles.

malus memoirs crew 2
You need to complete step 1 to reach the other step.

Generally, the players’ next goal is to set a waypoint and select a park near the Los Angeles airport.

After visiting the park, the phase will be complete, and players may proceed to the next step.

2. Two Kinds Of Love

The second step requires players to go from LA Airport to the Unloading Pier located in LA Harbor.

Furthermore, they should use any legal ground transportation to get there. The action will be complete once you arrive at the Unloading Pier.

Two Kinds Of Love is one of the step of Malus Memoirs Crew 2
You need to travel from LA Airport to LA Harbor.

3. My Other Family

In the Malus Memories story, this is the third of 12 steps.

Players should now go to San Bernardine, where the grandmother of Malu lives.

Moreover, they can travel there in any type of land vehicle; the site is situated east of Los Angeles.

My Other Family
You should complete step 3 to reach The Old Garage step.

4. The Old Garage

The Little 7 Days Market in Mojave, southwest of Las Vegas, is the destination of this story.

Players should use any available transportation in the game to get there from San Bernardino.

The Old Garage
You should reach your destination from San Bernardino.

5. Desert Wheels

After completing The Old Garage, the following step, Desert Wheels, will become available.

Desert Wheels
You should reach your destination using any vehicle.

Here, the player should travel from the Mojave Desert to the Ferris wheel located in Five Kings Casino Motorsport Park.

6. World Explorers

Similarly, players must complete the World Explorers step to unlock the next step i.e. Stunt Show.

World Explorers
You can reach your destination using any ground vehicle.

In this step, players must travel from Death Valley to the Eiffel Tower located on the Strip in Las Vegas.

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7. Stunt Show

In Malus Memoirs Crew 2, The Stunt Show will become available after you finish the previous process.

Stunt Show
Players should travel from one location to another using ground vehicles.

In this step, you should reach The Lopping which is in the center of Paradise Arena in North of Las Vegas.

8. Sandy Dunes

Similarly, like the previous stage, players in this one must go from Death Valley to the Abandoned house in Great Sand Dune.

The location is far away from the city area in the middle of the desert.

Sandy Dunes is the part of Malus Memoirs Crew 2
You can set your waypoint first and reach your destination.

9. Stories From The Old Days

Basically, in step 9, from Great Sand Dune, players must reach Bob’s Garage situated in the Financial District in any ground vehicle available in the game.

The financial district is located in Salt Lake City.

Stories From The Old Days in Malus Memoirs Crew 2
Players must travel from the previous site to Bob’s Garage.

10. Powered By Nature

Furthermore, in this step, players should go from Salt Lake City to reach the Hoover Dam bridge in Lake Mead.

It is located in the east of Las Vegas.

Powered By Nature
The image shows the player arriving at the Dam Bridge.

11. One Last Drive

This is the second last step of the story.

After reaching the Hoover Dam Bridge, players must travel southwest of Las Vegas.

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Additionally, they must go from Lake Mead to Dennis Food, which is situated in the Gaint Sequoia Forest.

12. Back To Hawaii

Since all 11 steps are completed, and players reached the last step of the Malus Memoirs Crew 2 story.

Back To Hawaii
This is the final step of the Malus Memoirs story.

Meanwhile, the players in this step left Gaint Sequoia Forest and went toward Fresno, where there is a Motorfest branch.

What Happens When You Finish Malus Memoirs Story?

Once the players have completed all the 12 steps mentioned in the story of Malu, they will get rewards.

 Nissan 300ZX Malu Edition after completing Malus Memoirs Crew 2
The new car players receive after completing all the steps.

Also, they will get the chance to unlock the new Nissan 300ZX Malu Edition vehicle.

Additionally, the Nissan 300ZX is a special addition to The Crew 2, a racing game.

The Bottom Line

Fans of The Crew 2 are excited after releasing the newest season of the Motorflex and its episodes.

Moreover, the gameplay is based on traditional treasure hunts, and each story’s ending offers a different reward.

Hope this article helps players complete all the 12 steps of the Malus Memoirs Crew 2.

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