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Marvel Legends 2024 Leaks: What You Need To Know?

marvel legends 2024 leaks
Find out about Marvel Legends 2024 Leaks

It is the start of the year and there have already been many Marvel Legends Leaks in 2024.

However, these leaks are not confirmed by Hasbro, so take them with a grain of salt.

Furthermore, they do offer some exciting possibilities for the fans of Marvel Legends with the upcoming figures leaks for 2024. Similarly, the leak reveals several figures from multiple sources, such as movies and comics.
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What Is Marvel Legends?

Marvel Legends is a popular line of action figures produced by Hasbro, featuring characters from the Marvel Comics universe.

Marvel Legends has been running since 2002 and has covered a wide range of Marvel characters.

The figures are highly detailed, and articulated, and come with various accessories and build-a-figure parts.

It is a 6-inch scale action figure based on the characters from Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios, and other Marvel media.

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All The Leaks About Marvel Legends In 2024

Marvel Legends fans are always eager to know what new figures are coming out, through leaks and rumors.

Recently, a Reddit user named Redkomic (Rektangular) posted a list of Marvel Legends figures and a YouTube video.

A list of Marvel Legend
A list of Marvel Legends figures leaks by Redkomic.

The list includes some exciting and surprising names, such as:

1. The Thunderbolts Wave

One of the leaks is the Thunderbolts wave, which is said to include characters from the team of reformed villains.

According to the leak, the wave will consist of:

  1. Red Hulk (possibly a deluxe figure)
  2. Comic Ikaris
  3. Iron Man Heroes Reborn
  4. Ka-Zar
  5. Count Nafaria
  6. Wolfsbane
  7. Captain America Brave New World

The Thunderbolts wave would be a great way to introduce some fan-favorite characters to the Marvel Legends line.

2. The Spider-Verse Figures

Another leak is the Spider-Verse figures, which are said to include characters from the various alternate realities.

According to the leak, the Spider-Verse figures will include:

  1. Superior Spider-Man
  2. Prowler on retro card
  3. Venom Anniversary
  4. Carnage on retro card
  5. Venom and Carnage set

The Spider-Verse figures would be a great way to celebrate the diversity and creativity of the Spider-Man franchise.

The retro card packaging would also appeal to the nostalgia of the collectors.

3. The Deadpool 3 Movie Wave

Another leak is the Deadpool 3 movie wave, which is said to include characters from the upcoming Deadpool film series.

According to the leak, the Deadpool 3 movie wave will include:

  1. Deadpool
  2. Colossus deluxe
  3. Wolverine, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man set
  4. Warbird on retro card
  5. Xavier on retro card
  6. Quicksilver on retro card
  7. Wolverine anniversary set

The Deadpool 3 wave would offer some potential crossover characters from other MCU franchises.

The deluxe and multi-pack formats would also provide more value and variety for the collectors.

Some other leaks are:

  1. The SHIELD 3-pack
  2. Strange Tales wave
  3. Iron Fist, possibly in his classic costume.
  4. Odin, either from the comics or the movies.
  5. Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, and Skaar are three powerful characters.
  6. Crossbone and Constrictor 2-pack
  7. 4-pack of Dr. Doom, Iron Patriot, Taskmaster, and Loki
  8. Destiny and Mystique

Should You Trust The Marvel Legends 2024 Leaks?

The leaks about the Marvel Legends 2024 releases are exciting and enticing, but they are also unconfirmed and unreliable.

Furthermore, the sources of the leaks are anonymous and often contradictory, and they may change over time.

However, Hasbro has not officially announced or revealed any of the figures mentioned in the leaks.

Therefore, you should not trust the leaks blindly, but rather take them as possible hints or suggestions of what may come.

The leaks may give you some ideas of what to expect or hope for, but they may also disappoint you or mislead you.

The best way to enjoy the Marvel Legends line is to wait for the official announcements and reveals from Hasbro.

Hasbro website
Hasbro’s official website Marvel Legends figures.

The Bottom Line

Marvel Legends is a line of action figures that features characters from the Marvel Comics universe.

Some of the major leaks are the Thunderbolts wave, the Spider-Verse figures, and the Deadpool 3 movie wave.

However, these leaks are not confirmed by Hasbro, and they may be inaccurate or false.

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