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How To Do Alchemy In BG3?

How to do Alchemy in BG3?.
How to do Alchemy in BG3?.

Alchemy in BG3 is a powerful process of creating coatings, grenades, portions, and elixirs.

The Cauldron of Boiling Theriac at Druids Grove is one of the cauldrons used to create these goods.

Alchemy is a new and versatile system that enables players to craft various unique items to help them in battle. Players can get bonus actions if they learn how to do Alchemy in BG3. 

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Alchemy In BG3: An Overview

Alchemy is a mechanic in Baldur’s Gate 3 that focuses on making potions, remedies, coating, and grenades.

In BG3, players can locate numerous organic substances in different locations when they explore.

Alchemy In BG3
Alchemy In BG3.

After locating those substances, they mix those raw materials to create different potions and many more.

Furthermore, these mixtures act as a flaming grenade or a brand-new healing potion.

Process To Do Alchemy In BG3

If you are going to stay alive in Baldur’s Gate 3 toughest battles, you must need a supply of healthy ingredients which is also known as Alchemy.

Players can find these in random stores.

However, it’s better to make your own to keep a healthy supply.

Moreover, Alchemy can be done at any time.

No matter whether you are in the middle of combat or a conversation, you can do this.

Using Alchemy in BG3.
Using Alchemy in BG3.

So, Once you find enough materials and recipes at your disposal here are several tips and tricks about how to do alchemy in BG3 which are as follows:

1. Pressing I On Your Keyboard

First, take control of your character; you will have an “Alchemy” tab in your inventory.

You can open the inventory just by pressing I on your keyboard.

After this, you will see all your items in the game.

Moreover, along with developing your talents and gathering new recipes, you’ll learn new recipes along the way.

2. Pressing H On Your Keyboard

Players can also directly open the Alchemy menu by just pressing H on the keyboard.

Moreover, you can click the righthand Alchemy icon, which is at the top of the popup.

Once you do this, you will find all the recipes unlocked so far.

You can do this whenever you want anyplace, as long as you’re not in combat.

3. Extract All Ingredients

The next step is to click the Extract all ingredients button that is located on the Alchemy screen to break down the materials into extracts.

Extracting ingredients to do Alchemy
Extracting ingredients to do Alchemy In BG3.

If the ingredients you have add up to a craftable item, it will show up in the menu on the left.

Then, click an item, and the ingredients are displayed to the right.

Additionally, to make it happen, you should click craft item as mentioned on the screen.

4. Filter Craftable Only

Filtering the craft portions is an easy tip among all of them.

To filter the list, you can check the Filter Craftable Only box in the top-left corner of the Alchemy screen.

Selecting Craft To Do Almighty In BG3.
Selecting Craft To Do Almighty In BG3.

After this select the thing you wish to craft from the list.

Either press the enormous within the center of the triangle or the CraftThing button.

However, any Salt, for instance, uses any salt, while Salts of Rogue’s Morsel calls for a particular variety.

This implies that it is feasible to create one thing without realizing it.

You might be unable to create another unless you locate more elements.

5. Get More Potions

To find new potions, we should read books or notes while exploring.

Your Alchemy screen will instantly add the recipe when you read one of these.

Further, it will show you the extracts that are required to make it.

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Ingredients Used For Alchemy In BG3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Alchemy is a complicated process that requires acquiring and selecting various potion and elixir ingredients.

Both ingredients can be found throughout the game, and you can also find recipes from books while traveling.

However, it is most effective when an extract is obtained from components.

The ingredients you get will instantly stored in the chosen player’s Alchemy Pouch.

Nonetheless, the game mixes any of the characters’ elements when gamers use the action “Extract all elements” to create as many resources as possible.

Therefore, the ingredients that you need known as potion and elixir are mentioned in the table below:

Baldur’s Gate 3 Elixir Recipe List

In the game, there are many Elixir products. It needs many materials, ingredients, and herbs to form new items.

Here is the list of all Elixir, ingredients and their effects:

Elixir Of The ColossusChasm Creeper, Any SuspensionOn Strength Checks and Saves, Replaces the effects of other elixirs.
Elixir Of SilvanusCauldron of Boiling Theriac, Mugwort BundleDestroy Nettie's poison.
Elixir Of Arcane CultivationVitriol of Weavemoss, Any sublimateGain access to a further Level 1 spell slot. Replaces other elixirs' effects when consumed.
Greater Elixir Of Arcane CultivationSuspension of Laculite, Any VitriolGain two more Level 1 spell slots. When consumed, the effects of other elixirs were replaced.
Elixir Of BarkskinSalts of Tree Bark, Any SuspensionRaise AC to 16
Elixir Of Peerless FocusSublimate of Belladona, Any AshesEnhance your focus, increase wakefulness, and build resistance against charms.
Elixir Of VigilanceSublimate of Bloodstained Hook, Any AshesReplaces another elixirs' effects when consumed.
Elixir Of Hill Giant StrengthAshes of Hill Giant Finger, Any SublimateEnhances until long rest, strength ability score to 21.
Elixir Of BloodlustAshes of Worg Fang, Any SaltReceive Bloodlust, kill an adversary, and get additional action and +5 temporary hit points.
Elixir Of Fire ResistanceAshes of Dragon Egg Mushroom, Any SaltSet up Fire Resistance and Burning Immunity
Elixir Of Poison ResistanceSuspension of Muddy Goo, Any SublimateIncrease poison damage till the next extended rest, resistance.
Elixir Of Lightning ResistanceSalts of Copper Shavings, Any SuspensionGain Acid Damage Resistance for next long rest.
Elixir Of Viciousness Vitriol of Shadowroot Sac, Any AshesIncrease Critical Hit Chance
Tadpole ElixirSublimate of Tongue of Madness, Any EssenceObtain Psionic Weakening and Enrichment

Baldur’s Gate 3 Potion Recipe List

Potions are consumable items that grant various effects in the game.

Here is the list of all potions, their ingredients and their effects:

Potion Of HealingSalts of Rogue's Morsel, Any SuspensionRecover 2d4 + 2 HP.
Potion Of Greater HealingAshes of Balsam, Any SaltRecover 4d4 + 4 HP.
Potion Of Superior HealingSalts of Musk Creeper, Any SuspensionRecover 8d4 + 8.
AntidoteSalts of Mugwort, Any SuspensionMake balance of the effects of all poisons.
Potion Of Feather FallSublimate of Autumn Crocus, Any EssenceTo avoid injury when falling, slow your descent and protect yourself.
Potion Of Glorious VaultingSublimate of Wispweed, Any AshesTriple your jump distance
Potion Of Mind ReadingSuspension of Mergrass, Any SublimateDrink to learn more about the thoughts of others around you.
Potion Of SpeedAshes of Hyena Ear, Any SaltGain Haste for 3 turns.
Potion of Animal SpeakingEssence of Acorn Truffle, Any SaltGain the ability to understand and speak to animals until the following lengthy rest.

The Bottom Line

In BG3, to do Alchemy is the most powerful thing to obtain.

Additionally, players may encounter difficulty when attempting to practice alchemy.

Nonetheless, players must stick to the above-mentioned tips and tricks to fully enjoy the game.

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