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Madden 23 Career Mode: Face Of The Franchise

Madden 23 Career Mode
Madden NFL 23 has refined the matchday experience and improved overall gameplay.

The Madden 23 showcases a well-balanced career mode, with an emphasis on the Face of the Franchise.

Madden series video games feature simulation-style gameplay to emulate real-life American football experiences closely.

The career mode on Madden 23 offers players to embark on their careers in the fifth year, taking on the role of a QB, WR, HB, LB, or CB, to earn a one-year contract with their team of choice.

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The Madden Experience: Madden Game’s Core Concept

A Madden game refers to a series of American football video games produced by EA Sports.

Likewise, the Madden series is named after former NFL coach and commentator John Madden in 1998.

The Madden Game Conecpt
The Madden series draws both football enthusiasts and gamers seeking a realistic footbal experience.

Players enjoy this game to simulate the experience of American football, allowing them to control virtual teams and compete.

Likewise, the core concept of Madden games involves providing a realistic representation of football gameplay.

It includes strategic decision-making, player management, and on-field action allowing players to choose their team.

It also allows players to manage thier rosters, simulate seasons, and engage in head-to-head matchups against AI or other players.

Moreover, Madden 23 is known for its realistic detail, accurate player stats, and mirroring professional football.

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What Is The Career Mode In Madden 23?

The Madden 23 version offers a career mode titled Face of the Franchise.

It is a story-driven mode that allows players to create their own players and take them through the journey of becoming an NFL superstar.

Face of the Franchise
The face of the Franchise lets players choose positions to start their careers.

Players noticed a drastic change immediately because players weren’t entering the NFL as rookies.

Instead they will enter straight to the fifth NFL season.

Madden 23 excludes modes like high school and college games and a scouting combine.

Now players can choose a position from quarterback, running back, wide receiver, linebacker, or cornerback.

In Madden 23 career mode, the primary focus is on free agency starting with players choosing where their character will sign.

Furthermore, including Face of the Franchise: The League enhances the overall experience.

Madden 23 players have highlighted near-to-perfect gameplay with minimal bugs and glitches.

How To Upgrade Your Player In Madden 23 Career Mode?

To upgrade your career, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Earning Cred And Rep

You should play games and complete weekly activities to earn Cred (blue) and Rep (red).

Cred is used to buy stuff in the Yard, while Rep is your XP and crucial for advancing in Face of the Franchise.

2. Leveling Up

The objective is to attain level 30 and become a member of the 99 Club by allocating upgrade points.

Moreover, you can level up faster by earning more Rep.

3. Gameplay Focus

On the field, you control only your player; for example, if you’re an RB, you’ll run routes and take handoffs.

Similarly, you are not expected to play defense or throw the ball.

4. Pre-Game Preparation

Before each game, set your weekly goals and side activities to upgrade the player to career mode.

Likewise, you can talk to your agent, Sosa, or your offensive/defensive coordinator.

5. Setting Realistic Goals

Set achievable weekly goals based on difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) for more Rep.

Further, consider goals within your control, and don’t just pick the easy ones.

6. Choosing Weekly Activities

Pick daily activities before each game for stat boosts in the next game.

Focus on activities that boost stat, and avoid Cred-building activities unless related to Brand Awareness.

7. Practice And Drills

At first, practice the game to get comfortable. Once you’re used to it, simulate practice every week.

The mode has been designed to create an immersive experience for players as they journey from high school to the NFL.

The Bottom Line

Madden 23 showcases a well-balanced career mode by introducing Face of the Franchise.

The game emphasizes realistic gameplay, allowing control over key positions and engaging in strategic decision-making.

Moreover, to enhance your player in career mode, focus on earning Cred and Rep, set realistic goals, and choose stat-boosting activities.

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