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Mira App Not Working: How To Fix?

Mira App Not Working
Fix The Mira App Not Working.

Mira is a fertility app that works with a device called Mira Analyzer to measure hormone levels, predict ovulation and fertile window.

Mira is designed to help you track your cycle, optimize your chances of conceiving, and monitor your health.

Some users have reported problems with their Mira app not working properly which can be frustrating. However, there are some fixes for this problem, such as updating the app, restarting the app, checking the app permissions, etc.
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Common Issues With The Mira App

Many users have been facing issues with the Mira app, and they are not happy about it.

Some of the common issues that users have faced with the app are:

  1. It is stuck on the loading screen and does not show any data.
  2. The app does not sync with the Mira Analyzer and does not upload the test results.
  3. Shows incorrect or inconsistent messages, such as “No Data” or “Invalid Test”.
  4. The app crashes or freezes frequently.

Why Is Mira App Not Working?

There are various possible reasons why the Mira app is not working in your device.

Some of the reasons that may affect the app’s performance are as below:

  1. The app version is outdated or incompatible with your device or operating system.
  2. Similarly, the app cache or data is corrupted or full.
  3. App permissions or settings are incorrect or restricted.
  4. Likewise, the app may not be connected to the internet or have a weak signal.
  5. Moreover, the app is not paired with the Mira Analyzer, and the Bluetooth connection is unstable.
  6. Furthermore, the app can be affected by other apps or processes running in the background.
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How To Fix The Mira App Not Working?

These problems can be frustrating and stressful for users who rely on Mira to monitor their fertility and plan their pregnancy.

Fortunately, there are some possible solutions to the Mira app not working.

Here are some steps that you can try:

1. Check Internet Connection And Bluetooth Settings

Make sure that your phone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi or cellular network, and that your Bluetooth is turned on and paired with the Mira Analyzer.

Check your Bluetooth settings
Allow the Bluetooth setting to connect to the Mira device.

You can also try to restart your phone and the Mira Analyzer to refresh the connection.

Moreover, make sure you are not far away from your Mira device and the phone since it can cause connection issues.

2. Update Your App And Firmware

Sometimes, the app may not work properly because it is outdated or has bugs.

You can check if there is a new version of the app available on the App Store or Google Play, and update it if needed.

Update your app
Update your Mira app to fix the problem.

Moreover, you can also update the firmware of the Mira Analyzer by following the given instructions in the app.

Check and adjust the app permissions and settings, such as allowing access to the camera, microphone, location, storage, etc.

3. Contact Customer Support

If none of the above steps work, you may need to contact the Mira customer support team for further assistance.

So, you can email them at or chat with them on the app.

Furthermore, they will try to troubleshoot the problem and provide you with a solution.

The Bottom Line

Mira is a great app for women who want to track their fertility and ovulation cycles.

However, you may sometimes encounter problems that prevent it from working properly.

If you are facing any issues with your Mira app not working, you can try some of the steps mentioned above to fix them.

Similarly, if the problem persists, you can reach out to the Mira customer support team for help.

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