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What Is Omeluum Ring In BG3?

Omeluum Ring Bg3: A Complete Guide

The Omeluum ring BG3 belongs to Omeluum, a mind flayer who is part of the Society of Brilliance.

However, it is one of the quest items that you gain as a reward for completing a mission.

Omeluum Ring is a reward for completing the quest “Tell Omeluum About the Parasite”. It prevents you from using your mind flayer powers, which are special abilities you can unlock using your tadpole in certain situations.

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Who Is Omeluum In BG3?

In the game, Omeluum is a mind flayer who can be found in Underdark in Myconid Colony in Act 1.

Players can also find him on the Iron Throne in Act 3.

Additionally, there are two quests related to him. They are Removing the parasite and Help Omeluum Investigate the Parasite.

Similarly, he will ask you to open your mind to him and complete quests to receive rewards.

Moreover, Omeluum also sells Amulet of Misty Step.

Omeluum Ring: An Overview

The Omeluum ring is an item that you can obtain in Baldur’s Gate 3, a role-playing video game.

It is also known as the Ring of Psionic Protection. Moreover, it is a reward for completing the Tell Omeluum About the Parasite quest.

Additionally, it is supposed to shield you from psionic attacks and prevent you from using the tadpole’s powers.

You must visit Omeluum to get an Omeluum ring.

The tadpole is a mind-flayer parasite that infects you and your companions in the game,

Moreover, it can grant you some abilities but also poses a risk of transforming you into a mind flayer.

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How To Find Omeluum Ring In BG3?

To find the Omeluum Ring, you should complete the quest “Tell Omeluum About the Parasite.”

In this quest, you need to find two types of mushrooms: the Tongue of Madness and the Timmask Spores.

Here are the steps to find them:

1. Arcane Tower Access

Go to the Arcane Tower, which is located southwest of the Myconid Colony.

tongue ofmadness
Tongue Of Madness is located in Duergar fishing village.

Generally, you can reach it by taking a fairy ring in Auntie Ethel’s house or jumping across a chasm near the Duergar fishing village.

2. Tower Infiltration

The tower is guarded by four Arcane Cannons that will shoot at you if you get close.

Moreover, you can either destroy them with magic or sneak past them.

There is a locked door at the entrance, but you can enter through an open window on the south side.

3. Control Panel

Inside the tower, you will find a control panel with four buttons.

However, each button corresponds to one of the four floors of the tower.

Therefore, pressing a button will activate an elevator that will take you to that floor.

4. Hidden Mushroom

The Tongue of Madness mushroom is on the second floor, which is a library.

However, you will see a bookshelf with a glowing purple book.

find the mushrooms
You need to find the mushrooms.

Additionally, interact with the book to reveal a hidden passage behind the bookshelf.

Therefore, you can follow the passage to find the mushroom.

5. Spore Collection

The Timmask Spores are on the first floor, which is a laboratory.

Additionally, you will see a large glass container with a green liquid and some spores floating inside.

Thus, interacts with the container to open it and collect the spores.

6. Potion Experiment

Once you have both mushrooms, return to Omeluum in the Myconid Colony.

Further, he will ask you to drink a potion made from the mushrooms, allowing him to examine your parasite more closely.

This will trigger a cutscene where you will learn more about your condition and your options.

7. Ring Reward

After the cutscene, Omeluum will give you the Omeluum Ring as a reward.

Further, this ring will suppress your tadpole and prevent you from using your mind-flayer powers.

It may have some consequences later in the story.

The Bottom Line

The Omeluum ring BG3 is a unique and important quest item.

However, players can obtain in Baldur’s Gate 3 by completing the Tell Omeluum About the Parasite quest.

The ring can protect them from psionic attacks and effects.

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