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Postman Pat Part 1 Bugged: How To Fix It?

postman pat part 1 bugged
Fix Postman Pat Part 1 Bugged

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features.

Players have to survive in this harsh environment, loot for resources, complete quests, and fight enemies.

One of the quests in Escape from Tarkov is called Postman Pat Part 1, which is given by Prapor. However, many players have reported that Postman Pat Part 1 is bugged, and they cannot complete it even after finding and delivering the letter.
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What Is Postman Pat Part 1 In Tarkov?

Postman Pat Part 1 is a quest that is part of the storyline of Escape from Tarkov.

Likewise, it is the first of two parts of the Postman Pat quest series.

The quest objectives are:

  1. Find a letter on a messenger’s body in the Factory
  2. Survive and extract from the location
  3. Hand over the letter to the Therapist

The quest rewards are:

  1. +5,900 EXP
  2. Prapor Rep +0.02
  3. 40,000 Roubles
  4. 1× ANA Tactical Beta 2 Battle backpack
  5. 1× 6B2 body armor (Flora)
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Why Postman Pat Part 1 Is Bugged In Tarkov?

Many players have encountered a bug with Postman Pat Part 1 that prevents them from completing the quest.

Likewise, the bug occurs when the player finds the letter from the messenger’s dead body in the Factory map.

Finds the letter
Finds the letter from the messenger’s dead body in the Factory map.

The letter is supposed to appear in the quest items stash, where the player can hand it over to the Therapist.

However, for some players, the letter does not appear in the quest items stash, and the quest remains incomplete.

Moreover, the player cannot hand over the letter to the Therapist, nor can they find the letter again on the Factory map.

Postman Pat Part 1 bugged
Postman Pat Part 1 bugged in Escape from Tarkov.

The exact cause of this bug is unknown, but some players said that it is related to the order of completing the questline.

Furthermore, there is another quest called Postman Pat Part 2, which is given by the Therapist.

The objective of this quest is to find the same letter from the messenger’s dead body and hand it over to the Therapist.

Some players have suggested that the bug might occur if the player completes Postman Pat Part 2 before Postman Pat Part 1.

This might create a conflict in the game’s code, resulting in the letter disappearing from the quest items stash.

However, this theory has not been confirmed by the developers or the official sources.

How To Fix Postman Pat Part 1 In Tarkov?

The developers of Escape from Tarkov are aware of this bug, and they have announced that they are working on a solution.

However, if the bug still persists, there are some possible workarounds that players can try to complete the quest.

Some of the fixes you can try are as follows:

1. Follow Correct Order

Make sure to follow the correct order of the quest objectives.

First, find the letter on the dead scav in the Factory map, and then extract it with the survived status.

Second, hand over the letter to the Therapist and complete Postman Pat Part 2.

Lastly, complete the Postman Pat Part 1 at Prapor.

2. Contact Support Team

If the quest is still bugged, contact the support team of Escape from Tarkov through the game launcher, and report the bug.

Moreover, they may be able to help you complete the quest or fix the bug.

The Bottom Line

Postman Pat Part 1 is a quest that is bugged in Escape from Tarkov, and it prevents players from completing it.

Likewise, the bug is caused by a mismatch between the quest objectives and the quest items, and it has not been fixed yet.

However, there are some possible workarounds, such as following the correct order or contacting the support team.

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