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How To Complete SnowRunner Winter Stores Mission?

Snowrunner winter stores mission

SnowRunner Winter Stores is a mission that occurs early in the game which is difficult to complete.

This mission can be challenging but can be completed successfully with persistence and the right strategy.

In the Winter Store mission, the player must deliver a maintenance trailer from a drilling site to a storage site. This might sound like an easy task, but it is tricky.

Continue reading to discover how to complete the SnowRunner Winter Stores mission without any difficulties.

Requirements For SnowRunner Winter Stores

In order to start the Winter Store mission, you must have completed the Not A Drill mission first.

Also, you need to accept the contract from the contracts menu or the logistics base itself to start the winter store mission.

You need to Sign a winter store contract to start the mission.

Find The Maintenance Trailer And Logistics Base

The tricky part about SnowRunner Winter Stores mission is to find the correct maintenance trailer.

You need to deliver a maintenance trailer and two vehicle spare parts to the logistics base.

A map showing the location of the Logistic Base.

You can find the maintenance trailer at the Black River drilling site and the vehicle spare parts at the warehouse or the farm in Smithville Dam.

Whereas the logistics base is located in the northwest corner of Smithville Dam, near the tunnel to Island Lake.

You should use the map to locate it and plan your route accordingly.

Overcome The Challenges Of  Winter Store

The first challenge is not to use any trailer from a trailer store. If you use any other trailer, you can’t complete the mission.

Use the specific maintenance trailer that is marked by the contract with a magnifying glass icon on the map.

Make sure you have the service spare parts cargo in a wooden box, not just the maintenance trailer

You must have at least 10% of fuel in the maintenance trailer and should not use its repair points or wheels.

However, you can refill the fuel at a gas station or a fuel trailer.

And, of course, park the truck and the trailer inside the zone for it to count. You can attach or winch the trailer to your truck.

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Rewards And Benefits After Completing Mission

After completing the Snowrunner Winter Store mission, you get attractive rewards.

The winter store rewards include $4,500300 game XP, and addition of five points to Logistics Base’s reputation.

You will receive attractive rewards after you finish the Winter Store mission.

In addition to it, the logistic base Loading and Repair zone are also unlocked.

The Bottom Line

You can complete the SnowRunner Winter Store mission by delivering a specific maintenance trailer and spare parts to the logistics base.

Further, you must use the correct trailer, maintain its fuel level, and park within the designated zone.

Rewards for completing the Winter Store mission include $4,500, 300 XP, five reputation points for the base, and unlocking the Loading and Repair zone.

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