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Haunted Holiday Duty: Spend Time With A Very Hairy Prince

In Haunted Holiday Star path, there are several duties that players have to complete. After completing you can unlock  ghastly goodies and even exclusive rewards.

However, completing the missions can be challenging as the players have to guess the tricky clues behind the objective of the mission.

In the “Spend The Time With a Very Hairy Prince” duty, players have to spend time with the Beast as a companion for 30 minutes.

Continue to read more about how you can spend time with a very hairy prince to earn more exclusive rewards.

Who Is The Hairy Prince?

It is clear that the very hairy prince is being referred to as the Beast in Disney Dreamland Valley.

Spend time with a very hairy prince
Beast is the hairy prince.

You should also be aware that The Beast and Belle has just been officially moved into Disney Dreamlight Valley.

So, before starting the Haunted Holiday Quest in Enchanted Missions, you should first unlock the Beauty and the Beast Quest.

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Before Spending Time With The Hairy Beast

In order to spend time with a very hairy prince, you should enter the Beauty and the Beast Realm.

So first you will need to unlock the character Beast, complete missions, participate in a friendship quest, and then enter the Realm.

Complete these below-mentioned quests to spend time with a very hairy prince:

  1. Into the West Wing: You will need to disguise yourself in the West Wing and help to paint a portrait.
Spend time with a very hairy prince
West Wing Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
    1. A Prince In Disguise: Complete various riddles to help Beast gain the trust of Belle.
    2. Friendship Quest: In this quest, you should help the Beast and Belle to get familiar with the Villagers and establish in the Valley.

After completing all these quests, you will be a good friend of Beast and you can hang out with Beast anytime in his Realm.

How To Spend Time With The Hairy Prince?

Since you have become successful at gaining the trust of Beast, you can spend time with him to complete Haunted Holiday Duty.

You should click on Events where you will see the “Haunted Holiday Star Path” option.

You should move your cursor to that option and a drop-down menu list will appear. Then, select the Duties.

Spend time with a very hairy prince
Duties in Haunted Holiday Star Path.

The list of duties will appear on the screen. You should scroll down and click on the box  “Spend time with a very hairy Prince”.

Now, the mission will begin and you should open the Map. Select the location of “The Beast and the Beauty Realm” and search for The Beast.

Finally, when you find the Beast, you can ask him to hang out with you for 30 minutes.

Here are the list of thing you can do to spend time with the Hairy Prince:

1. Visit Chez Remy

You can ask Beast to visit Chez Remy and serve him his favorite meals.

Spend time with a very hairy prince
Serve the dish in Chez Remy.

You can serve him Vegetable Soup Recipe, Sea Pasta Recipe, Gary Stuff recipe, or anything else on the menu.

2. Take A Selfie With Hairy Prince

Taking pictures with A Hairy Prince will also be a good idea which will make the hairy prince happy and also make a good memory.

You can simply ask Beast to take a selfie and he will agree with you.

It is also one of the great ways to spend a pleasant time with the hairy prince.

Selfie with the hairy prince.
Selfie with the hairy prince.

From the Tool Wheel, equip your camera, press the photo button, and pose for the selfie. It will capture the picture of you and a hairy prince.

3. Explore The Village

Apart from these, you can simply provide the hairy prince with some flowers and surprise him with gifts that will uplift his mood.

Additionally, you can visit Scrooge McDuck with him and craft some goods for him.

In this way, you can spend some time with the very Hairy Prince and complete your Haunted Holiday Star Path.

Moreover, you will get a wholesome reward for completing this task.

The Bottom Line

Haunted Holiday Star Path comes along with spooky adventurous, and fun mini-games and missions.

Hence, you should spend time with the  Beast for 30 minutes doing his favorite activities to complete this Hairy Prince Duty.

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