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Starcrossed Secret Chest #4: How To Find It?

starcrossed secret chest #4
Find Starcrossed Secret Chest #4

In Destiny 2, the Starcrossed exotic quest rewards players with a new bow called Wish Keeper.

The quest involves completing a series of missions that reveal the secrets of the Wish Dragon.

In Starcrossed exotic quests, players can find hidden chests that contain additional rewards and lore. Furthermore, there are secret chests hidden throughout the Starcrossed Secret mission, with #4 being the last chest.
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What Is Starcrossed Secret Chest In Destiny 2?

Starcrossed is a new Exotic mission that was introduced in Season of the Wish, the 23rd season of Destiny 2.

The mission takes place in the Black Garden, a mysterious realm that is home to the Vex, a race of robotic enemies.

The mission involves fighting enemies and unlocking secrets to reach the final boss and claim the Wish-Keeper bow.

Furthermore, the Wish-Keeper is a unique Exotic bow that has an intrinsic perk called Snareweaver.

Moreover, it allows the user to shoot arrows that create snares on impact, slowing down and damaging enemies.

Likewise, the bow also has a catalyst that can be obtained by completing the mission on Legend difficulty.

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How To Find Starcrossed Secret Chest #4 In Destiny 2?

The fourth secret chest is the most difficult one to find, as it requires a lot of exploration in Destiny 2.

To find it, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to complete the mission up to the point where you reach the Overland, the area with the two rainbows.
  2. Here, you will find a pool of orange light that gives you a buff called Dam’s Gift.
  3. It allows you to pass through red barriers without taking damage.
  4. Next, you need to go to the right side of the area, where you will find a door with a combination lock.
  5. You need to shoot the symbols on the door in the correct order, which is: snake, dragon, snake, dragon, snake, dragon.
  6. This will lead you to a new area called the Roost, where you will find an orange light that gives you the Dam’s Gift buff.
    Dam’s Gift buff
    Get the Dam’s Gift buff in the Roost.
  7. When you go through the entrance you will see a monster guarding it, which you can kill or go straight past it.
  8. Then take the Dam’s Gift buff and go to the right side into a small pathway inside.
  9. Follow the path and eventually, you will see a garden of red flowers.
    Garden of red flowers
    Follow the hidden path and find the garden of red flowers.
  10. There, you will get a damage boost, which is orange light smoke.
  11. Finally, you can find the chest on the right side.
  12. However, open the chest before the buff runs out and is killed by a damage boost.
  13. When you open the chest, you will get Snareweaver IV Intrinsic, Imperative Kinetic weapon, and 2x Enhancement Core.
    Chest #4 rewards
    Starcrossed Secret Chest #4 rewards in Destiny 2.

The Bottom Line

Starcrossed is a challenging and rewarding Exotic mission that offers a lot of secrets and surprises for the players.

Finding the four secret chests in the mission can enhance the Wish-Keeper bow and unlock new triumphs for the guardians.

Furthermore, the fourth secret chest can be found in the Roost where you need to get buff for damage boost to get the chest.

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