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BG3 Thief Vs Assassin: Differences And Similarities

thief Vs assassin bg3
Thief Vs Assassin In BG3

In BG3, thief vs assassin are two interesting sub-classes of Rogue class.

While they both have an affinity for stealth and art, they take very different approaches in the game.

In BG3, thieves are stealthy experts who excel in evasion, lockpicking, and skillful thievery. Assassins, on the other hand, focus on swift and deadly strikes, specializing in quick eliminations of targets.
Continue reading more about the differences and similarities between thief and assassin in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Are Thief In BG3?

In BG3, thieves use their stealth skills to navigate a dangerous landscape.

As masters of stealth, their domain lies in shadows and silence.

Similarly, thieves are excellent at escaping, moving silently, and remaining hidden from their enemies.

Thief Icon in BG3, thief vs assassin bg3
Thief Icon in the game.

Further, they can disable traps and unlock doors that block the way by using their sleight of hand.

The common weapons thieves use are the rapier, shortsword, and light armor.

Moreover, their stealth of hand skills shine when it comes to stealing, allowing them to obtain objects unnoticed.

What Are Assassins In BG3?

Assassins are the swift executioners of Baldur’s Gate 3, realizing the nature of precise and lethal strikes. 

Unlike thieves, who excel in the art of the unseen, assassins are all about dealing with death swiftly and decisively. 

Their skills are destroying targets and catching opponents by surprise.

Assassin Icon in bg3, thief vs assassin bg3
Assassin Icon in BG3

Similarly, they can find their enemy’s weakness and deal power critical hits.

The common weapon used by assassins is hand crossbows, longswords, and light armor.

In addition, their ability to handle deadly weapons in battles makes them quick and effective.

Differences Between Thief Vs Assassin In BG3

Here are some differences between thief and assassin in Baldur’s Gate 3.

PlaystyleStealthy approach and lockpicking skillsEliminating targets quickly and efficiently
SkillsStealth and ThieveryEnhance combat abilities, such as increased critical hit
CombatAgility, evasion, and range weaponsBurst damage, taking down enemies swiftly
UtilityGathering information, and accessing areasIdentify weak points on enemies
Special AbilitiesInvisible and set trapsEnhance critical hit damage, inflict debuffs on enemies

Although there are many other differences between a thief vs. an assassin, these are some that can be distinguished between them.

Similarities Between Thief Vs Assassin In BG3

Thief and Assassin also have some similarities in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Here are some similarities between them:

1. Stealth Proficiency

Both thieves and assassins have some amount of stealth proficiency.

Assassins use stealth to approach their targets unseen while focusing on swift and devastating attacks.

Similarly, burglars use their knowledge of stealth to avoid detection and obtain information without drawing suspicion.

2. Agility

Both archetypes rely on their dexterity and quickness. Thieves utilize their agility to avoid opponents and navigate tight locations.

Assassins use their agility to make quick movements that bring them closer to their target.

3. Surprise Attacks

Both thieves and assassins are adept at catching their opponents off guard.

Thieves frequently commence fights from a hidden location, obtaining an advantage by striking before their opponents can respond.

Assassins, as the name implies, specialize in surprise assaults that catch opponents off guard and render them disabled or eliminated.

4. Weapon Mastery

In Baldur’s Gate 3, both classes are skilled with a variety of weapons.

Thieves may choose ranged weapons such as bows or daggers for accurate blows from a distance.

Similarly, assassins are skilled with a wide range of weapons, allowing them to select effective equipment for deadly blows.

5. Tactical Approach

Thieves and assassins both need a tactical approach.

Thieves choose their victims carefully, frequently choosing people who are least likely to detect missing stuff or suspicious activity.

Assassins painstakingly prepare their attacks, finding major adversaries and vulnerabilities that will allow them to neutralize threats swiftly and efficiently.

6. Situational Awareness

Thief and Assassin classes benefit from high situational awareness.

Similarly, Thieves must carefully traverse their environment, detecting traps, secret tunnels, and precious goods.

Assassins, too, rely on good observation to choose the best time to attack, relying on their opponents’ weaknesses and diversions.

The Bottom Line

Depending on their playstyle and objectives, rogue players in Baldur’s Gate 3 have two potential options: thieves and assassins.

Players who value flexibility, movement, and originality will find Thief more appealing.

On the other hand, players who want one-shot kills and high-risk, high-reward action should play assassins.

Both subclasses, however, have their uses and moments when they’re enjoyable and useful.

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