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How To Find And Use Tugboats In Rust?

Where do Tugboat spawn in Rust?

Tugboats are the newest, largest, and most customizable boat in Rust, added in the July 2021 Deep Sea update.

But many gamers still doubt where to find tugboats in the game and how to use them to their advantage.

There is no exact location or time for Tugboats to spawn in Rust. They are random and can appear anywhere near the sea/ocean in Harbors. 
Continue reading to discover where to find Tugboats Spawn In Rust.

Why Are Tugboats Important?

Tugboats are a great way to get some rare and valuable loot.

They are the only kind of boat in Rust that allows players to build, store and transport items on them.

In addition, they can fit more players and items than other boats, making them ideal for large groups or clans.

Tugboats are the largest boats in Rust where you can store, transport and build goods.

Tugboats can also be turned into a mobile base.

It allows players to move around the map and access different resources or monuments.

Where Do Tugboats Spawn In Rust?

To discover tugboats in Rust, travel to any of the harbors located on the shores of the map.

However, tugboats spawn at the small and large harbors.

Each island on the map consists of two harbors on the seashore from which one can access the tugboats.

Location of Small Harbor in Rust.

Players can identify the tugboats by their smoke, sound and open doors.

Location of Large Harbor in Rust.

After you find tugboats, you need low-grade fuel to operate them and weapons and armor to defend them from other players.

In addition, tugboats have a hit point of 3000 and fuel consumption of 1188 per hour.

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How Many Tugboats Spawn In Rust?

The maximum number of tugboats that can spawn in Rust is four.

This means that each harbor can have up to two tugboats at a time, and there are usually two harbors per map.

However, this number may vary depending on the server settings, map size and population.

You can use the console command entity.count tugboat to know the exact number of tugboats on your server and to see how many are currently active.

However, you can also use the command find tugboat to see their locations on the map.

How To Use Tugboats in Rust?

To claim a tugboat, you must interact with the wheelhouse’s helm.

This will spawn an authorization screen, allowing you to add or remove deployable on the boat.

In order to drive a tugboat, you need to mount mouse controls and use W and S keys to accelerate or decelerate, A and D keys to steer, and a spacebar to brake.

However, you must also be aware of the risks and challenges of using a tugboat.

One must be careful of other players who might steal their boat or loot and the decay timer on the boat.

The tugboat has a decay timer of 60 hours, and when it runs out, it sinks. 

So, you must be quick and efficient when using the tugboat and get off before it disappears.

Tugboat Repair And Durability

Tugboats are useful for transporting large amounts of loot, exploring ocean depths, and raiding bases on the water.

Similarly, they are also very rare and hard to find.

Players can repair the Tugboat using the Hammer but they must have Wood and Metal Fragments in their inventory.

Also, you can use Garry’s Mod Tool Gun which has max repair costs of Metal Fragments *37   and *113 Wood.

Below is the list of Tools and quantities for Tudboat durability.

F1 Grenade68
Beancan Grenade261
Flame Thrower17648
Bone Club1250
Combat Knife240

The Bottom Line

Tugboats spawn randomly at harbors near the sea. However, the maximum number of tugboats that can spawn is four.

While tugboats can be customized with items and deployable for looting, transporting, and raiding, they also have enemy risks and decay problems.

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