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Where To Sell Books Starfield?

In Starfield, books are available in various locations throughout the galaxies, such as libraries, museums, schools, bookstores, etc.

Players can sell old books to Ahnjong Sinclair, who can be found while exploring Akila City. Moreover, after selling books, you can earn 2000 credits per book. 

In this article, we will discover how to sell books in Starfield.

Process To Sell Books Starfield

To successfully sell your books in Starfield, you’ll want to explore Akila City. It is situated within the Cheyenne system on the left side of the map.

You’ll have several options once you’ve arrived at this location.

If you need a fast and straightforward transaction, visit a nearby store for an uncomplicated exchange.

However, you can explore more into Akila City to find the best place to sell your precious books.

Sinclair’s Bookstore
Sinclair’s Bookstore in Starfield.

Sinclair’s Bookstore is located near the Stoneroot Inn and Coe Heritage Museum. It is a perfect store for book lovers and those interested in Old Earth literature.

Ahnjong Sinclair, the bookshop owner, has an unwavering love for antique books.

Furthermore, players can converse with her and introduce her to the books. You can witness her pleasure as she welcomes them into her collection.

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Books And Magazines In Starfield

In Starfield, Books and Magazines are miscellaneous items that boost skills and stats.  Players can find and locate them from various locations and star systems in the game.

Skill magazines grant permanent bonuses to your character’s skills. There are several skill magazines, each of which provides a different bonus.

Here are the books and magazines found in the Starfield.

ItemsWeight (in tons)Slot Size
Masonry Items
Concrete Blocks31
Concrete Slab62
Packaged Sand31
General Items
Oil Barrels21
Secure Container11
Service Spare Parts11
Vehicle Spare Parts11
Drilling Items
Drilling Spare Parts14
Drilling Equipment105
Oil Rig Drill101
Metal Items
Metal Rolls12
Metal Beams5
Small Pipes4
Medium Pipes52
Large Pipe84
Rail Section15
Industrial Boiler5
Big Box
Cargo Container32
Special Cargo32
Oversized Cargo104
Wood Items
Wooden Planks11
Short Logs42
Medium Logs83
Long Logs125
Airplane Fuselage105
Airplane Wing24
Airplane Wing/Engine25
BA-20 Armored Car32
Diesel Locomotive200
Portable Cabin32
Engine Assembly31
Stage 2 Fuel Tank23
Stage 3 Fuel Tank23
Rocket Carrier Platform325

Books And Magazines Locations In Starfield

Books and magazines can be found in various locations throughout the galaxy while playing the game.

However, certain magazines may appear in various building types without a fixed location.

Below are some of the books and magazines with their locations:

1. Peak Performance

Peak Performance is a skill magazine that increases your carry capacity by 5kg per issue. This magazine is found in various places

Similarly, there are five issues in Peak Performance in Starfield. They are as follows:

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2. Neon Nights

Neon Nights is a magazine in Starfield that provides recipes for pharmaceutical items. The types of Neon Night magazines with their locations are given below:

3. Freestar Captain’s Log

Freestar Captain’s Log is one of the types of skill magazines in Starfield, the sci-fi RPG. Additionally, it increases your carry capacity by 5kg per issue.

Here is the table showing the Freestar Captain’s Log with their locations:

4. Mining Monthly

Mining Monthly is a skill magazine that increases your mining yield by 5% per issue.

Additionally, it refers to the amount of resources you can extract from sources such as ore deposits and asteroids.

A higher mining yield allows you to obtain more crafting, trading, and upgrading materials.

Mining Monthly magazines are available on planets, space stations, and settlements throughout the Settled Systems.

Location / MapSite
Michigan, Smithville DamWarehouse
Michigan, Drummond IslandWarehouse
Michigan, Drummond IslandConstruction Site
Mountain River, AlaskaWarehouse
Taymyr, QuarryQuarry
Yukon, Flooded FoothillsConcrete Plant
Yukon, Flooded FoothillsWarehouse
Yukon, Big Salmon PeakConcrete Plant
Wisconsin, Black Badger LakeRailway Station
Wisconsin, Black Badger LakeWarehouse
Wisconsin, Black Badger LakeCargo Creation Zone
Amur, CosmodromeWarehouse
Amur, ChernokamenskWarehouse
Amur, ChernokamenskPlant
Rostov Oblast, Factory GroundsPlant
Maine, The LowlandsWarehouse
Maine, Yellowrock National ForestWarehouse
Maine, Yellowrock National ForestConcrete Production
British Columbia, Duncan Bay
British Columbia, North Peak National Park

5. Nova Galactic Manual

Nova Galactic Manual is a skill magazine that reduces the fuel need for a grav jump by 5% per issue.

Similarly, there are several Nova Galactic Manuals, each providing a different bonus to a different skill. Here are the names of Nova Galactic Manual issues with the locations.

*50 mph / 80.5 km/h
**105 mph / 169.0 km/h
***135 mph / 217.3 km/h
Players receive star points from how fast they complete the Mountain Pass Speed Zone

The Bottom Line 

In Starfield, players can explore the galaxy to find bookshops where they can sell and buy books.

Moreover, players can earn credits after selling the books to the book vendors. These credits can be used to upgrade your spaceship or get supplies.

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