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How To Find BG3 Mol in Moonrise?

Players can locate Mol in tiefling hideout
Players can locate Mol in tiefling hideout

BG3 Find Mol is a quest in the BG3 game outside the Moonrise Tower.

Players can find Mol, a tiefling child, in the Tiefling Hideout outside Moonrise Tower in Baldur’s Gate 3. Firstly, they need to locate Doni, another tiefling child and talk to him. Further, describe that you want to see the dragon’s lair to find Mol. 

Continue reading to discover where to find Mol in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who Is Mol In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a fair share of its infamous non-playable characters (NPC).

Mol is a young tiefling girl who can be found in Tiefling Hideout.

Additionally, she is well known for her volatile nature and thirst for revenge.

Bg3 find mol moonrise
Mol in Baldur’s Gate 3 in Tiefling’s Hideout.

What Is Find Mol Quest In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Find Mol is a quest to find a young girl Mol, who has a talent for stealing and hiding.

In the game, Mol can be encountered in different locations throughout the game depending upon the player’s choices.

The quest can be started in Act 2 when a winged creature kidnaps Mol during an attack at the Last Light Inn.

Similarly, the player may think Mol is taken to the Mind Flayer Colony or the Moonrise Towers, but she is not there.

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How To Find Mol In BG3 In Moonrise Tower?

BG3 Find Mol can be quite a challenge in Moonrise for the players.

You might not meet her in the right temperament even if you find her.

Hence, there are some crucial steps players must follow before meeting her.

They are described below:

1. Investigate The Beach Quest

Players are supposed to head north from Emerald Groove.

There you might notice harmonious singing in the distance.

Bg3 find mol moonrise
Meet Mirkon by the lake as the melody traps him.

Further, the singing gets louder as you approach a tiny lake.

There, you will meet Mirkon, a Tiefling child, allured by the singing.

2. Save Mirkon From Harpies

Mirkon can be seen bewitched by the Harpies and their song.

Hence, you must save Mirkon by disrupting the song and breaking the enchantment.

Harpies luring Mirkon towards her.
Harpies lured Mirkon towards her.

Once you break the spell, four harpies will appear.

So, you need to commence a battle against them to save the child.

3. Talk To Mirkon

Mirkon will thank you for saving him from harm’s way.

Further, he recommends you meet Mol. He also mentions that she would be thankful for saving him.

Mirkon asks you to meet Doni and tell him you want to see the Dragon's Lair.
Mirkon asks you to meet Doni and tell him you want to see the Dragon’s Lair.

But, first, you must meet Doni, another Tiefling child who will show you the way.

4. Meet Doni In Emerald Groove

Now, players have to return to Emerald Groove to talk to Doni.

Afterward, Doni will provide information on the whereabouts of Mol.

Essentially, he will show you a secret passage to reach her.

Note: It’s important that you choose the “Doni, isn’t it?” dialogue and the “I want to see the Dragon’s Lair” option. 
Bg3 find mol moonrise
Doni in Baldur’s Gate 3 is found in Emerad Groove.

5. Interact With Mol

Doni will reveal a hatch where players can enter. You will find her immediately after going through it.

Furthermore, Mol will also appear in your minimap while the quest is still active.

Bg3 find mol moonrise
A player enters the Tiefling Hideout to search for Mol.

Players can now interact with Mol. She will thank you for saving her friend from harm.

Similarly, Mol is scared of the ritual as she believes it will get them all killed.

You can team up with Mol by agreeing to help her steal the big shiny idol.

The Bottom Line

The storyline completely relies upon the dialogues and roles you make.

Further, the Harpies might capture Mirkon and take him hostage. Then, you might need to help Mol rescue him for a reward.

If not, you can meet her in a contrasting scenario, where she thanks you for saving him. Either way, the quest aims to team up with her.

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