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What Is Good Ending In Blasphemous 2?

What Is Good Ending In Blasphemous 2?
What Is Good Ending In Blasphemous 2?

In Blasphemous, players will encounter three endings: Ending A, Ending B, and Ending C.

They must accomplish these endings to survive until the end of this game.

Among all three endings, Ending  A is considered a good ending in Blasphemous 2. A good ending does not come automatically to players, they have to complete several specific requirements to reach there.
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What Is Blasphemous 2? An Overview

Blasphemous 2 is an action and adventure video game which is developed by The Game Kitchen and published by Team 17.

Talking about the design of this game, this whole game is set in a dark and nightmarish world.

In addition, it has an overt storytelling theme with strong mechanics and systems.

Main Character In Mission In Good ending in Blasphemous 2
Main Character In Mission In Blasphemous 2.

It has the main character, the Penitent, an unassuming hero who must atone for the crimes of the world.

Additionally, it has intricate combat animation and fervent dedication to twisted religious iconography.

Ending A: A Good Ending In Blasphemous 2

Ending A is known as the good ending in Blasphemous 2.

Though this ending is fairly easy, it requires much time to get here.

In addition, the main character the penitent will complete all the challenges of the /Holy Grace, and he will join heaven and become a Saint.

Moreover, this ending is also known as the secret and happy ending, leaving the game on a happy note.

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How to Achieve Good Ending A In Blasphemous?

It is unclear how to unlock the ending in this action platformer, so players must be prepared for the endings to not be directly available.

Players cannot see Ending A unless they gather and arrange the correct items properly.

Hence here are the few steps that players must follow to achieve Ending A:

Step 1: Obtain Cierzo Figure

In this step, players must find all three forgotten tributes and give them to the chariot.

You need to find the Cierzo figure which is located in the severed tower hidden area.

Hidden Tower in in good ending in Blasphemous
Several Hidden Towers In Blasphemous.

In addition, this also hints at the importance of Confessor statues in this ending.

Step 2: Obtain Lebeche Figure

To obtain the Lebeche Figure, players must find all five candle daughters.

Obtaining All Candle Figure In good ending Blasphemous 2.
Obtaining All Candle Figure In Blasphemous 2.

You must complete all five battle challenges before Obtaining the Lebeche Figure.

And right after completing The House of Grief and Hatred side ques, you will be rewarded with a Lebeche Figure.

Step 3: Obtain Gregal Figure

In Blasphemous, players must free all 33 Cherubs to find Gregal Figure.

In addition, they must complete the parlor challenge at the top of the tower at the Aqueduct of the Costales.

Obtaining Cregal Figure In good ending in Blasphemous 2
Obtaining Gregal Figure In Blasphemous 2.

Step 4: Obtain Jaloque Figure

This step is considered the most difficult figure to find in Blasphemous 2. It truly depends on the player’s Tears of Atonement.

Finding In Jaloque Figure In good ending in Blashphemous 2.
Obtaining In Jaloque Figure In Blasphemous 2.

Therefore, gamers must buy it from the traveling merchant at the final location.

In this way, you can obtain Jaloque figure.

Step 5: Obtain The Incense Of the Envoy

After visiting the Chapel of the Five Doves you will find a new interaction prompt near a fire.

Main character going through Chapel of the Five Doves in Good ending in Blasphemous 2
The main character goes through the Chapel of the Five Doves.

Similarly, this helps to obtain the incense of the Envoys. Moreover, this will help to proceed to the final boss.

Step 6: Give The Incense and Defeat the Final Boss

Players must return to Eviterno’s Room and give the incense before meeting Final Boss.

After the utilization of this incense, you will defeat Final Boss.

Main Character defeating main villain In good ending in Blasphemous 2.
The main character defeats the final boss In Blasphemous 2.

Additionally, at last, you will be presented with a unique cutscene that will directly lead you toward ending A.

The Bottom Line

The game’s Ending A can assist players in having fun and unlock more levels in the game.

Moreover, the unique storyline of this game, contemporary visual effects, and distinctive graphics have made this game more interesting.

In addition, the endings of this fame have further increased the excitement of this game.

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