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A Guide To Gift Event In Blox Fruits

blox fruits gift event
A guide to Gift Event in Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits is a popular Roblox game that features a variety of fruits with different abilities and effects.

Players can explore different seas, islands, and quests, as well as fight enemies and bosses.

One of the most exciting features of Blox Fruits is the gift event, which is a seasonal event that offers players the chance to get free fruits and other rewards. Furthermore, players can get the gift from the Christmas island on the third sea.
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What Is The Gift Event In Blox Fruits?

The gift event in Blox Fruits is a limited-time event that occurs during the winter update, usually around December.

The event introduces a new island called Christmas Island, which is a festive-themed island with unique challenges and NPCs.

The main attraction of this event is the hourly free fruit giveaway that allows players to receive a random fruit at no cost every hour.

This is a great opportunity for players to get rare and powerful fruits, or to collect fruits for trading or gifting.

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How To Get The Gift In Blox Fruits?

To get the gift in Blox Fruits, players need to visit Christmas Island, which is located in the Third Sea, near the Sea of Treats.

Christmas Island
Christmas Island in Blox Fruits

To access the Third Sea, players need to be level 700 or higher and have completed the Second Sea storyline.

Once in the Third Sea, they can use a boat or a flight ability to reach Christmas Island, which is marked by Christmas trees and snowflakes.

Once on the island, players can talk to the NPC called Santa Claws, Greedy Elf, and Magic Elf who will trade items for candies.

Similarly, there is a gift every hour where players can get any random fruit in the middle of Christmas Island.

The fruit will be randomly selected from the list of available fruits in the game, including the rare and mythical ones.

Players can also trade their candies, which are obtained from defeating NPCs, for other rewards.

Likewise, these rewards can be stat upgrades, hats, and sleighs, from the other NPCs on the island.

What Are The Gifts You Can Get In Blox Fruits?

The gifts you can get in Blox Fruits from the gift event are mainly fruits and candies.

Get random fruits
Get random fruits from the gift.

Fruits are the main source of power and abilities in the game, and each fruit has its unique effects and moves.

There are three types of fruits: Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia.

Paramecia fruits grant the user a special ability, such as spirit, quake, or portal.

Zoan fruits allow the user to transform into an animal, such as a phoenix, a dragon, or a mammoth.

Logia fruits enable the user to become an element, such as flame, ice, or light.

Candies are the special currency, which can be used to buy various items and upgrades from the NPCs on Christmas Island.

Some of the items include elf hats, Santa hats, and sleighs, which are cosmetic accessories that can be worn by the player.

Trade special items
Trade special items from the NPCs.

Some of the upgrades include stats refund, race reroll, and 2x exp for 15 minutes.

Moreover, these stats can help the player improve their character and progress faster in the game.

However, these items and stats cost lots of candies which players can get by defeating NPCs or completing tasks.

The Bottom Line

The gift event in Blox Fruits is a fun and rewarding event that allows players to get free fruits and other items.

The event is only available for a limited time, so players should capitalize on it.

On Christmas Island, players can enjoy the festive, interact with the NPCs, and receive a random fruit every hour.

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