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Destiny 2 Ros Arago IV: How To Get?

Destiny 2 Ros Arago IV
Destiny 2 Ros Arago IV get addition bonus using Perks.

Destiny 2 is a popular game that features a variety of weapons for players to use in different modes and activities.

One of the weapons in Destiny 2 is the Ros Arago IV, a legendary auto rifle that belongs to the Future War Cult faction. Furthermore, it can be obtained from activities or the Legendary and Exotic engrams.

This article discusses about the Ros Arago IV in Destiny 2.

What Is Ros Arago IV In Destiny 2?

Ros Arago IV is a legendary kinetic auto rifle that has a high rate of fire and a large magazine size.

Ros Arago IV stats in Destiny 2.

It is one of the new weapons that were added in Season 15 of Destiny 2, along with other faction weapons from Dead Orbit and New Monarchy.

Ros Arago IV has a futuristic design and a distinctive sound when fired.

How To Get Ros Arago IV In Destiny 2?

Ros Arago IV is a random drop from legendary engrams and faction rank-up packages.

To get legendary engrams, you can complete various activities in the game, such as strikes, crucible matches, gambit matches, public events, patrols, bounties, and more.

For the faction rank-up packages, you need to earn a reputation by donating materials, completing bounties, and participating in the faction.

Moreover, you can also buy legendary engrams from the Cryptarch or the Banshee-44 for legendary shards.

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What Are The Best Perks For Ros Arago IV In Destiny 2?

Ros Arago IV can be equipped with different perks that can enhance its performance in different situations.

Ros Arago IV Stats after adding the perks.

Some of the popular perks on Ros Arago IV among the Destiny 2 community are:

1. Dynamic Sway Reduction

Dynamic Sway Reduction perk improves the stability and accuracy of the weapon as you hold down the trigger.

This is useful for maintaining a steady aim and landing more shots on your target.

Moreover, it grants 1 Stability, -5% Accuracy Cone Size, and -10% Accuracy Cone Growth for each shot.

2. Fluted Barrel

The Fluted Barrel perk improves the handling and stability of the weapons.

Similarly, it is used for handling weapons faster with balance stability.

Furthermore, it grants +5 Stability and +15 Handling which makes the barrel light and easy to use.

3. Flared Magwell

Flared Magwell is a basic magazine perk that improves stability and reload speed.

Likewise, it is used for optimizing magazines with faster reloading and stability.

Furthermore, it grants +15 Reload speed and +5 Stability for each magazine reload.

4. Under-Over

Under-over perks deal bonus damage to the targets with overshields.

Similarly, it also deals a small amount of bonus damage to combatant shields.

Moreover, it increases by 25% against PVE combatant shields and 20% against player overshields.

5. Wild Card

Wild Card is a perk that gives final blows that have a chance to create experimental submunitions at the target location.

Likewise, after giving the final blows it has a 6 seconds cooldown effect.

Furthermore, it spawns the submunition according to the rank of enemies such as miners spawn 1 submunition and bosses spawn 7 submunitions.

6. Targeting Adjuster

Targeting Adjuster is a legendary weapon mod perk that helps to aim at the target.

Similarly, it garnts +5 Aim Assistance to the weapons giving more accuracy to hit the target.

The Bottom Line

Ros Arago IV is a powerful and versatile auto rifle that can be obtained from legendary engrams and faction rank-up packages.

Likewise, it has a high rate of fire and a large magazine size, making it suitable for close to medium range combat.

Furthermore, it can also be equipped with different perks that can improve its stability, accuracy, and damage.

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