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(Do not publish) New MX Vs. ATV Legends Update 2.03

mx vs atv legends update
Most of the recent update of the game is Patch 2.03.

MX vs. ATV Legends is an off-road racing game developed by Rainbow Studios and published by THQ Nordic.

The developers are constantly giving updates to the game.

Several updates and patches have been released to improve the gameplay experience and fix bugs. Most of the recent update is Patch 2.03.

Continue reading about MX vs. ATV Legends and its recent update.

MX Vs. ATV Legends: An Overview

The off-road racing game, MX vs. ATV Legends, shows an expansive scope and lush environments.

Similarly, the game provides two split-screen modes and a squad-based 16 online mode.

Start window of MX Vs. ATV Legends.
You can experience different features in the game.

Furthermore, it features new outdoor racing trails which challenge your racing style.

Players can also customize players and vehicles according to their tastes.

Features Of MX Vs. ATV Legends

Different new features will be added in the upcoming MX vs. ATV Legends update.

However, there are already a considerable number of features in the game.

Some of the existing features of the game are:

  1. Engage in thrilling multiplayer action with a 2-player split-screen and a 16-player online mode featuring squad-based gameplay.
4 bike racing
Players can play the games online with 16 players.
  1. Embark on an exciting adventure in the all-new Trails mode, where each turn tests your driving skills with unexpected challenges.
Trail on map of MX vs ATV Legends.
Players can find challenging trials in the game.
  1. Immerse in the new career mode, where your decisions shape diverse paths, sponsorship, and exclusive events.
Career mode of MX vs ATV Legends
You can play different career modes in the game.
  1. Experience the enhanced physics system, providing precision in racing, even in challenging conditions like navigating berms and ruts.
Bike on middle of road
You can experience the enhanced physics system.

MX Vs. ATV Legends Update 2.03

MX vs. ATV Legends update 2.03 is the newest patch of the game. This update solves many bugs and adds different features.

Since releasing MX vs. ATV Legends, the game has had numerous bugs requiring fixing.

The developers keep delivering updates on MX vs. ATV Legends frequently.

In this update, various changes are made to the game’s animation.

Here are some of the features that the developers added in this update:

1. Animation

  • Fixed jittery ATV Rider animations at the start gate.
  • Refined other ATV Rider animations at the start gate.
  • Addressed steering rod clipping on Kawasaki Teryx KRX1000 UTV.
  • Improved rider leg clipping during Taunt stunt.
  • Resolved hyperextending arms and “bouncy” rider issues during the Pendulum Indy stunt.
  • Fixed steering stern and rear axle twisting on Suzuki LT-R450 ATV in certain situations.
  • Enhanced goggle tear-off animation, eliminating shoulder, wrist, and forearm pops.
  • Extended the hand further from the face to prevent clipping with the helmet.
  • Added behaviors for canceling tear-off animation and reduced tear-off animation delays.

2. Audio

  • Fixed issues with weather audio being absent.
  • Meanwhile, vehicle audio can also be audible during intense weather.

3. Customization

  • Alpinestars Supertech North rider gear is now available in Light, Dark, and Custom Colors.
  • Bug fixed: Color customization of Renthal Fatbar Custom handlebars on Suzuki MX bikes.

4. Environment

  • The 2023 RedBud is updated for a more authentic real-world race appearance.
  • Slight lighting improvements.
  • Rainy conditions added to 2023 Southwick and the upcoming 2023 Loretta Lynn’s tracks.

5. Gameplay

  • Fixed major underlying issues in the stunt system that frequently delayed consecutive stunts from being performed.
  • Stunts and stunt combos now end when experiencing a near-wreck.
  • Fixed issues where near-wreck animations could be disrupted or avoided by initiating a stunt.
  • Resolved bug allowing players to get into the crowds in certain instances while in Online Lobbies.

6. Physics

  • The rear brake no longer lifts the rear tire or initiates a Stoppie.
  • The rear brake locks the tire when braking hard (unless accelerating), enhancing brake-sliding into turns.
  • The rear brake now locks the tire when airborne and incorporates Brake Gyro.
  • “Vehicle-to-Vehicle” collision impulse is added to gently force apart vehicles colliding with AI-controlled vehicles.

7. UI

  • Resolved the What’s New message issue, no longer requiring additional button presses for dismissal.
  • Eliminated the problem causing the Stunt HUD widget to appear when performing a stunt in-air.
  • Fixed the menu resizing issue while viewing specific items in the Locker and Garage.

The Bottom Line

The new MX vs ATV Legends update has fixed various bugs, which enhanced the player’s experience.

With its updated visuals and enhanced audio, the Legends Update hardens MX vs. ATV’s position as the ultimate off-road racing game.

The franchise’s future looks brighter as players continue to conquer the off-road circuits with their favorite legends.

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