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Return To The Past Guide In Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown

prince of persia return to the past
A guide to Prince Of Persia Return To The Past

In Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Return to the Past is a quest where Sargon goes into the past to save Prince Ghassan.

Furthermore, Sargon must stop the evil Vahram from acquiring the powers of the Simurgh.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown’s Return to the Past quest is very challenging and full of secrets for the player. Moreover, it requires players to understand skills and tactics to fight against the evil Vahram.

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What Is Return To The Past In Prince of Persia?

Return to the Past is a quest, where Sargon reaches the celestial altar in the upper city and faces the evil Vahram.

In this segment, Sargon encounters the Vahram Boss Fight, who reveals his true identity and intentions.

Sargon also learns the truth about his mentor Anahita and his friend Ghassan, and the role they played in the events.

Return to the Past is a crucial part of the game, as it sets the stage for the final confrontation and the resolution of the game.

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How To Complete Return To The Past In Prince Of Persia?

To complete Return to the Past in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, the player must follow these steps:

1. Reach The Celestial Altar

Navigate through the upper city, avoiding traps and enemies, and reach the celestial altar.

Furthermore, the altar is a large circular platform with a glowing orb in the center.

Interact with the orb to trigger a cutscene, where Sargon and Ghassan have a conversation about the death of their friends.

Reach the celestial altar
Reach the celestial altar through the Upper City.

2. Return To The Past And Confront Vahram

Vahram, who is the son of King Darius and the rightful heir to the throne, confronts Sargon and Ghassan.

He attacks Sargon with his sword and his time powers, but his mentor Anahita dies while saving him.

After the cutscene, the Vahram Boss Fight begins.

Prince of Persia Return to the past
Return to the past and confront Vahram.

3. Fight And Defeat Vahram

To defeat Vahram, the player must dodge his attacks, counter his time powers, and strike him when he is vulnerable.

The player can use Sargon’s time powers, such as slowing down time and reversing time, to gain an advantage.

The player must pay attention to the health bar, which indicates Sargon’s vitality and energy respectively.

Fight and defeat Vahram
Fight and defeat Vahram by performing a finishing move.

However, if the health bar reduces below half then use a heal potion to instantly recover the health.

Likewise, after depleting Vahram’s health bar, the player must perform a finishing move to end the fight.

The player must press the correct sequence that appears on the screen to execute the move and trigger another cutscene.

4. Past Secret Of Ghassan And Vahram

The cutscene also reveals the backstory of Ghassan and Vahram and the secrets of the Simurgh and the Simon Gate.

The player learns that Ghassan is the son of Thomyris, who murdered King Darius and usurped the throne.

Similarly, they also learn that Anahita was manipulated by Thomyris to serve her.

Learn the past secret
Learn the past secrets of Ghassan and Vahram.

The player also learns that Vahram wants to recover the powers of the Simurgh after the Simok Gate is destroyed.

The segment ends with Sargon and Ghassan deciding to work together to stop Vahram and protect the people.

The Bottom Line

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown’s Return to the Past, reveals important information about the characters.

Moreover, the player must overcome the Vahram Boss Fight, a thrilling and challenging battle against Vahram.

Likewise, players will also learn the past secrets of Ghassan and Vahram and the power of the Simurgh.

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