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Know Why Rainbow Six Siege Terrorist Hunt Is Removed

rainbow six siege terrorist hunt removed
Why did Rainbow Six Siege Removed Terrorist Hunt?

Rainbow Six Siege is a popular tactical shooter game that features various modes and scenarios for players to enjoy.

One of the modes in Rainbow Six Seige was Terrorist Hunt, a PvE playlist with players against AI-controlled enemies in different objectives and maps. However, Terrorist Hunt mode was removed from Rainbow Six Siege in year 8 season 4, leaving many fans disappointed and confused.
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What Is Terrorist Hunt In Rainbow Six Siege?

Terrorist Hunt was a game mode, where players had to eliminate a set number of terrorists on various maps.

In Rainbow Six Siege, Terrorist Hunt was renamed to Training Grounds and featured four different variations.

Furthermore, these variations are Elimination, Protect Hostage, Extract Hostage, and Disarm Bomb.

Terrorist Hunt mode
Terrorist Hunt Mode in Rainbow Six Siege

Each variation had its own rules and objectives, and players could choose from three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Realistic.

Terrorist Hunt was a mode that allowed players to practice their skills, test their strategies, and have fun with their friends or solo.

It also offered a different experience from the multiplayer modes, where players had to face and deal with unpredictable situations.

Likewise, Terrorist Hunt was a mode that many players enjoyed and appreciated for its variety and challenge.

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Why Terrorist Hunt Was Removed In Rainbow Six Siege?

According to Ubisoft, the main reason for removing Terrorist Hunt was to improve the game’s performance and stability.

They claimed that Terrorist Hunt required a lot of resources and maintenance, and it was not very popular among the players.

They also said that they wanted to focus on the core multiplayer modes and the new extraction mode.

Similarly, these modes are PvE modes that involve fighting against alien parasites.

However, many fans were not convinced by Ubisoft’s explanation and felt that Terrorist Hunt was a mode that deserved to stay.

Moreover, it was a mode that allowed players to relax and have fun without the pressure and toxicity of the multiplayer modes.

Some fans also speculated that Ubisoft had other motives for removing Terrorist Hunt, such as monetization and censorship.

Alternatives For Terrorist Hunt In Rainbow Six Siege

For players who miss Terrorist Hunt and want to play a similar mode, there are some alternatives that they can try.

Here are some alternatives that players can try in Rainbow Six Siege:

1. Situations

Another alternative is Situations, a mode that consists of 11 solo missions that teach players the basics of the game.

Each mission has a specific objective, such as rescuing a hostage, defusing a bomb, or eliminating terrorists.

Situations mode
Situations mode in Rainbow Six Siege.

Situation is a mode that can help players learn the game’s mechanics, operators, maps, and tactics.

Furthermore,  it also provides some challenges and rewards for completing them.

2. Custom Games

A third alternative is Custom Games, a mode that allows players to create and join custom matches with their own rules and settings.

Players can choose from various options, such as the game mode, the map, the number of rounds, the time limit, etc.

Custom Games
Custom Game mode in Rainbow Six Siege.

Custom Games is a mode that gives players a lot of freedom and flexibility.

Moreover, it can also be used to simulate Terrorist Hunt by setting the game mode.

The Bottom Line

Terrorist Hunt was a mode that many players loved and enjoyed in Rainbow Six Siege, and its removal angered many fans.

However, there are still some alternatives that players can try to have a similar or different PvE experience in the game.

Whether it is Extraction, Situations, or Custom Games, players can still find some fun and challenge in Rainbow Six Siege.

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