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Remnant 2: Putrid Domain Purple Orb

Purple Orb in Putrid Domain Remnant 2
Purple Orb in Putrid Domain Remnant 2

Many players of Remnant 2 are confused when a Purple Orb in Putrid Domain follows them.

To solve the puzzle, it’s neither a key nor an item.

The purple orb in Remnant 2 Putrid Domain is a unique enemy. These Gravity Orbs produce a powerful gravity field that may draw players in and injure them. The orb doesn’t take damage. Hence, trying to fight it can be a waste of time.

The orbs appear arbitrarily in the Putrid Domain of Remnant 2 and begin to follow you.

Continue reading to discover more about the Purple Orb in Remnant 2 and how to escape it.

Purple Orb In Putrid Domain

A purple orb in Putrid Domain will occasionally start following players at random.

In addition, it especially finds you in the dungeons of Remnant 2.

Further, if players get too close to the gravity ball, it will draw them in and damage them.

The damage also cannot be blocked. The only way to evade is to run.

Players encountering many Purple Orbs
Players encounter many Purple Orbs.

At the same time, shooting the purple orb appears to have no effect. The orbs seem to be immortal.

Hence, it has led some players to believe it’s some sort of a key.

But in reality, it’s actually an enemy that cannot be killed.

Why Does The Purple Orb Follow Players?

The reason why the orb follows gamers is still unknown. It follows them with unlimited aggro.

Hence, many fans believe it’s just one of the game’s random events.

Players also report the orb spawning in multiple locations.

One of which is the end of the map on the opposite side of The Abomination boss checkpoint.

Player exploring The Putrid Domain in Remnant 2.
Player exploring The Putrid Domain in Remnant 2.

Moreover, where and why the orb appears is also unknown.

Players have also reported seeing one in The Vault of The Formless, Dark Conduit, etc.

Furthermore, if you run around, eventually you will find another one.

And, if they get close to one another, the two collide from their respective gravity field.

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How To Escape The Purple Orb In Remnant 2?

The Purple Orb is an immortal enemy with the sole purpose of killing you.

Hence, there is no point in fighting it.

However, the one thing you can do is not to look back and run away.

The closer it gets to you, the more damage it deals.

The orb also stops following you after you enter a boss lair.

Other Orbs In Remnant 2

Players can engage with many other orbs, including those at Tiller’s Rest.

It utilizes your character’s body as a transportation vessel.

Furthermore, numerous floating purple orbs are in the Far Woods of Yaesha.

Players must destroy them to acquire Blood Moon Essence.

The Bottom Line

A purple orb is an immortal enemy that creates a tremendous gravity field.

Further, they are capable of drawing players in and inflicting damage. They cannot be destroyed.

Therefore the only option for players is to avoid them.

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