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Explore Everything About Rogue Trader Rat Hunting Quest

Rat Hunting companion quest
Rat Hunting is the companion quest in Rogue Trader.

Rogue Trader has come up with different companion quests, one of which is Rat Hunting.

Many players are curious about this quest in Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader.

Rat Hunting is the companion quest in Rogue Trader. However, you need to join Jae Heydari in Footfall to start this quest.

Continue reading to learn more about the Rogue Trader Rat Hunting Quest.

Rat Hunting Quest: How To Start It?

Warhammer 4k Rogue Trader consists of almost 21 Companion Quests in the gameplay.

In addition, the Rat hunting quest is one of the Companions Quests in Rogue Trader.

Jae Heydari will help you to complete this quest in the Rogue Trader.

However, players will start this quest in the footfall, a bound network of hundreds of stone structures floating in Furibundus’s voids.

To start this quest, you need to talk with Jae in the first area of the Atrium.

Hence, explain your plan to Jae Heydari in detail to complete the quest.

Now go to the bar, and she will guide you to get into the tunnels, the door symbol will appear there.

Moreover, you will find the stairs down to the left of the entrance, it is the way to the sewers.

However, you need to talk to this female rogue trader before dealing with the Vald.

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Is There A Bug In Rat Hunting Quest?

Some players reported that they were not being able to start the quest even after looking all over the Footfall.

Moreover, to complete this quest with Jae Heydari, you will need to help her crew.

To save her crew, you need to connect sleeping gas and open 5 valves.

Hence, here are some tips that may help you to start this quest.

  1. Toolbox mod will help you to start this quest, so get this mod from nexusmods.
  2. Open the mod on the tab and press Ctrl + F10.
  3. Click on the search and select the n-pick tab.
  4. On the left of your screen, you will find the quest button.
  5. Select it, and in the right column enter JaeQ2.
  6. A quest named JaeQ2_quest should pop up.
  7. Select the start button and join the quest.

However, some players state that you can start this quest dealing with Jae before negotiating with the other rogue trader.

rat hunting quest issue
Players reporting the Rat Hunting quest issue on Reedit.

Who Is Jae Heydari In Rogue Trader?

Jae Heydari is a cold trader, has the ability to dual-wield ranged weapons, and has a silver tongue.

She mostly focused on making deals and crooked a deal with less fortunate souls out of their wealth.

Rogue Trader Jae Heydari
Jae Heydari, a companion in the Rogue Trader.

Moreover, she is a woman of endless talents and myriad mysteries and a seasoned dealmaker.

In addition, she is a companion in Rogue Trader who has her backstory and set of skills and knowledge to help you.

Hence, she has unique features and traits and will not pass up any opportunity to defeat her enemies.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, the Rat Hunting Quest in Rogue Trader is a quest that starts on Footfall.

However, some players claimed that they were facing the issue while performing this quest.

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