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How To Modify If Ship Has Too Few Landing Gears?

The construction and personalization of vessels are prominent attributes of Starfield, a science fiction-themed role-playing video game.

Players have the ability to construct and alter their own vessels through the utilization of a diverse range of components, modules etc.

If the ship has too few landing gears, it will create problems in landing of the ship, so players can customize the ship accordingly using the various methods and continue the game.

Continue reading more about modification of the ships with few landing gears.

Importance Of Landing Gears:

Landing gears are important parts of a ship that facilitate smooth and steady landings.

The type of ship determines the number of landing gears required, but every ship requires two landing gears.

The landing gears allow your ship to land on different planet surfaces and terrains while keeping your ship upright.

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How To Fix a Few Landing Gears?

Initially, you must dock your ship at a space station or a planet with a shipyard in order to access the ship modification option.

ship has too few landing gears
The initial phase of the ship being built.

Afterward, you need to select the parts tab and browse through the different parts of your ship.

To reduce the mass of your ship, try to remove or replace some parts with lighter ones.

For increasing the number of landing gears on your ship, you can try to find empty spaces on the bottom or sides of your ship where you can attach them.

To upgrade your landing gears better, try to find them by exploring different planets, completing quests, or buying them from vendors.

After making changes to your ship, exit the customization menu and test your ship.

How To Avoid Few Landing Gears?

Firstly, players need to know about the requirements needed for them before constructing a ship.

Afterward, the size and weight of your ship must be considered to determine how they will impact your ability to land.

Players might strive to use parts that are compatible and effective for your ship’s function for reducing the weight of the ship.

To optimize the number of landing gears of your ship, try to use landing gears that are suitable for your ship’s size and weight.

After you have planned and designed your ship in your mind or on paper, you can start building or customizing it using the ship customization system in Starfield.

How To Customize Your Ship In Starfield?:

The steps to customize the ship in Starfield are as follows:

Firstly, access the Ship Builder mode by docking the ship at a space station or a planet with a shipyard.

Initial phase of ship being bulit.
Upgrading Different parts of the ship.

Afterward, select the ship you want to customize from the list of ships you own or have registered.

In the Ship Builder mode, players will see the components and modules of their vessel on the left-hand side of the screen.

While the corresponding statistics and particulars are displayed on the right-hand side.

To modify your ship’s parts and modules, you can select them with the cursor and press the A button (on Xbox) or the E key (on PC) to open a menu of options.

For changing the armaments of your vessel, use the cursor and subsequently activate the A button (on Xbox) or the E key (on PC) to access a menu of available choices.

To modify your ship’s paint and decals, select them with the cursor and press the A button (on Xbox) or the E key (on PC) to open a menu of options.

After you have made all the changes to your ship, you can exit the Ship Builder mode by pressing the B button (on Xbox) or the Esc key (on PC).

What Are The Benefits Of Having More Landing Gears?

More landing gears can help your ship maintain its balance and stability when landing on different planets.

It can help your ship absorb the shock and force of landing on different planets.

Helps the ship adapt to different planetary conditions and environments.

Lastly, it helps your ship unlock more planets and locations to explore in Starfield.

The Bottom Line

In summary, the construction and personalization of vessels in Starfield are essential gameplay features.

Landing gears play a crucial role in ensuring smooth and steady landings for your ship and having too few can create problems.

However, players will keep on getting the message “ship has too few landing gears.” so players need to customize the ship accordingly.

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