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Where Can Your Find The Sugar In Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76, players can consume sugar for various reasons.

Eating sugar can satisfy very little hunger, but its best use is as a component in cooking.

In Fallout 76, sugar is a valuable resource that may be used for cooking, crafting, and recovering.  Players can find sugars in different locations throughout the game, like Point Pleasant, Whispering Golf Club, etc.

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How To Use Sugar In Fallout 76?

Players can produce sugar at the cooking station by combining two snaptail reeds and one wood.

Players can harvest snaptail reeds, plants that grow near water sources, to obtain sugar and glue.

Sugar in Fallout 76
Sugar in Fallout 76

In addition, players can consume sugar bombs directly or use them to craft brain bombs, granny’s tea, sweet rolls, and sunshine oil.

Yet, specific sugar bombs are irradiated and increase the player’s radiation when ingested.

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How To Craft Sugar From Snaptail Reeds?

Players can craft sugar from snaptail reeds in many ways.

Here are some of the  steps to craft sugar from snaptail reeds:

  1. Firstly, players must locate and collect snaptail reeds.
  2. Next, travel to a cooking station and select the utilitarian category, where you’ll need two snaptail reeds and one wood to produce one sugar.
  3. Third, players can make corn pone, cranberry jam, cranberry relish, mirelurk cake, pumpkin pie, rum, simple aster tea, s’mores, and many more with their sugar.

Where To Find Sugar In Fallout 76?

Sugar can be found in various locations throughout the game.

Sugar locations in Fallout 76
Sugar locations in Fallout 76

Players should travel to Point Pleasant and walk across the roofs, where the players will discover “The Interloper” holotape, which contains about six sugars.

Four sugars are in Freddy Fear’s House of Scares kitchen.

There will be two sugars at the Whitespring Golf Club building; one is in the kitchen, and another is in the bar on the counter.

In a counter drawer in the Whitespring Golf Clubhouse northeast of the second door, one may discover.

Within the Whitespring Bunker, one can find two sugars, one on the food cart and another on the right next to the cooking burner inside the kitchen.

Sunrise Field has two of them, whereas another two can be discovered on the first floor above the shelf in the southeast corner of the Crater, within a shanty (little shelter).

Two sugars can be found inside the Toxic Larry’s Meat ‘n Go and in the White Powder Winter Sport’s Sink each.

The players also can find the sugar at Hemlock Holes at the coffee shop, on the counter beside the water dispenser.

Sugar Alternatives

The players can use some items in the game as the alternative to sugar. Syrup and sugar Bombs are the two alternatives to sugar.

However, they have significant distinctions and downsides that the players should be aware of.

1. Syrup

Syrup is a viscous, thick liquid formed from flaming resin.

In addition, it increases agility somewhat while restoring HP significantly, satisfying hunger, and providing a mild radiation dosage.

syrup in fallout 76
syrup in Fallout 76

Upon picking up glowing resin for the first time, players can craft syrup at a cooking station using the proper components.

However, the players can find syrup at various locations around Appalachia, including the overseer’s house, Lewis & Sons Farming Supply, the Whitespring Golf Club, and other sites.

2. Sugar Bombs

Sugar Bombs are a box of sweet cereal that contains 100% of the daily sugar allowance.

Keeping sugar bombs for 25 years after the Great War allowed a small amount of radiation to enter most of them.

For instance, there is a rarer, pre-war form with a cleaner appearance, and no radiation exists, but players cannot use it in crafting recipes that require Sugar Bombs.

When players ingest Sugar Bombs, it restores 5 HP and 60 AP. Additionally, they can use it to make brain bombs, granny’s tea, sweet rolls, and sunshine oil.

The Bottom Line

In Fallout 76, players can use sugar as a consumable commodity for various tasks, including cooking, crafting, and restoring AP.

Players can also use snaptail reeds, which grow near water sources, to make sugar.

Players can replace sugar with syrup and sugar bombs, each having its own advantages and disadvantages.

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