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Chipotle Online Ordering Not Working: How To Resolve It?

Chipotle online ordering site

Chipotle introduced its online ordering system in 2009, and it has gradually developed its online ordering system.

After the pandemic, the restaurant has been receiving a huge number of orders online.

Customers complaining about Chipotle online ordering not working has created havoc among its workers. Users have been frustrated with the frequent problem of the screen becoming black  and many more.

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Chipotle Online Ordering Not Working Issues

Recently, many people have been using Chipotle’s app to order food online.

However, with this increase in popularity, many users are finding it hard to use the app smoothly.

Chipotle's App
Chipotle’s online ordering app not working.

People are facing different problems, like the app not working correctly or having trouble paying for the orders.

These problems can be annoying for those who like the convenience of ordering food online.

Despite many complaints, it appears that the system has not considered how many people ordered at the same time.

There are always people standing by and waiting at the mobile order section at the same time.

However, it could also be problematic because the website could be under maintenance.

Fixes For Chipotle Online Ordering Not Working

There are different approaches to fixing Chipotle’s online ordering not working problem.

Here are some possible fixes for the Chipotle’s issue:

1. For Black And White Screen Issue

If the Chipotle App shows a black or white screen, you can try fixing it by the following method:

  1. Kill the app from the recent menu of your phone and reopen it.
  2. If you are using an Android device, do a hard reboot by holding the home and power buttons at the same time for at least 10 seconds. Release only the home button and wait until the screen turns on.
  3.  If the problem is still not fixed, try draining all of your phone’s battery and Recharge it.

2. Payment Feature Not Working

  1. Firstly, the user should try again by checking the details of their credit/debit card.
  2. If the website is under maintenance, your order will be saved and can proceed after trying in a few minutes.
  3. Otherwise, it could be fixed by killing the app.
  4. If the issue is still not fixed, delete and reinstall the app.
Error Page
Chipotle’s app facing technical difficulties.

3. Account Authentication Issue

  1. Try waiting for a few seconds, close the app from the recent, and try it again.
  2. Make sure that the wifi is connected and working properly.
  3. Recheck your credentials to see if they match or not.
  4. Check if the account has been deactivated, it can happen when a user is not using the app for a long period.

4. Notification Issues

If the problem is in your notification, try the following methods:

  1. Go to the mobile settings, scroll down to the notification section, and turn on for Chipotle App.
  2. If the problem is receiving a sound notification, adjust it in the sound section, and change it if it’s turned off.

Even after trying all the methods, if you face some issues, Chipotle has a refund system.

You can apply for a refund through an email or you can contact their customer care directly.

Why Chipotle Employees Are Dissatisfied?

Employees are facing difficulties because they are getting fewer work hours, and more work to do, which is becoming stressful.

Workers are facing issues like not having time for food and not enough space in the store.

Chipotle’s overall revenue is increasing a lot, but the number of workers they have is not increasing enough.

Moreover, this situation makes everyone think about how the company is earning, but the employees are not getting the benefits.

The Bottom Line

Experiencing difficulties while you are hungry is frustrating, but a little more patience can fix it.

Moreover, the above solution can change your mind, and you can place your order again.

If the problem still arises, try contacting Chipotle’s Customer Support team for further fixes.

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