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A Guide To Doomscream In Rogue Trader

doomscream rogue trader
A guide to Doomscream in Rogue Trader.

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, you might encounter a formidable foe called Doomscream, a corrupted Helbrute.

In Rogue Trader, Doomscream is a massive machine infused with a twisted Chaos Marine, wielding a powerful plasma cannon and a powerful fist. He is the main antagonist of Ulfar’s quest, The Baleful Howl, where you have to track him down and stop his rampage on the planet of Eufrates II.
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Who Is Doomscream In Rogue Trader?

Doomscream is a former Space Wolf, a traitor Legion that worships the Chaos God Tzeentch.

Doomscream in Rogue Trader

He was turned into a Helbrute, a cybernetic monstrosity that is driven by pain and madness.

He was sent to Eufrates II, to wreak havoc and destroy the ancient machines that the Tech Priests revered.

Ulfar, a loyal Space Wolf followed Doomscream’s trail to Eufrates II, hoping to find and redeem his fallen brother.

He joined forces with you, the Rogue Trader, and asked for your help in his quest.

You agreed to take him to the surface of Eufrates II and confront Doomscream.

Join Ulfar
Join Ulfar to defeat against Doomscream.
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How To Find Doomscream In Rogue Trader?

To find Doomscream, you have to explore the Machine Cathedral, a massive complex of temples in Rogue Trade.

You will encounter many enemies along the way, such as cultists, daemons, and Chaos Marines.

Furthermore, you will also have to solve puzzles, hack cogitators, and avoid traps.

You will also have to interact with the surviving Tech-Priests and learn more about the history and mysteries of the Mechanicus.

Moreover, you will face Doomscream in Crematorium, a huge furnace where Tech-Priests dispose of their unwanted machines.

Similarly, you can find him in the upper left part of the main temple area in the prayer halls.

You will have to fight your way through the foes until you reach the center of the Crematorium, where Doomscream awaits you.

Abilities Of Doomscream

He also has several abilities that can make the fight harder, such as:

  1. Ruinous Blessing: This gives Doomscream 100% armor and 40 deflections, making him very hard to hit and damage.
  2. Eternal Hatred: This allows Doomscream to revive after you kill him, restoring his full health and making him aggressive.
  3. Let the Galaxy Burn: This is a melee attack that can inflict burn for 2 turns, causing damage over time.
  4. Havoc Barrage: This is a ranged attack that can create two circles on the ground that will explode after a turn.

How To Defeat Doomscream In Rogue Trader?

Doomscream is a tough opponent that has a lot of health, armor, and damage.

To defeat Doomscream, you will need a good strategy and a balanced party.

Here are some tips to help you:

1. Use Ulfar To Lower Doomscream’s Defenses

Ulfar is the only one who can reduce Doomscream’s armor and deflection, making him more vulnerable to your attacks.

You should use Ulfar to attack Doomscream as much as possible, but also keep him alive and healed.

2. Avoid Havoc Barrage And The Fire

Doomscream’s Havoc Barrage can create two circles on the ground that will explode after a turn and leave fire on the ground.

You should avoid standing in these circles and move away from them as soon as you see them.

Similarly, you should also avoid walking on the fire, as it can also damage you and reduce your armor.

You can use fireproof items, such as Pyromaniac Boots or Fireproof Cape, to protect yourself from the fire.

3. Attack Doomscream From Behind

Doomscream’s weak spot is his back, where he has less armor and deflection.

Moreover, you should try to flank him and attack him from behind, using melee or ranged attacks.

You can also use abilities that can move him or yourself, such as Charge, Push, or Pull, to position yourself better.

4. Use Heroic Acts And Items

Doomscream is a boss fight that will require you to use your best resources, such as Heroic Acts and items.

You should use Heroic Acts that can deal a lot of damage, heal your party, or buff your stats, such as Smite, Heal, or Inspire.

You should also use items that can heal you, restore your energy, or give you an edge, such as Medkits, Stimpacks, or Grenades.

The Bottom Line

Doomscream is one of the most challenging enemies in Rogue Trader, but also one of the most rewarding.

By defeating him, you will complete Ulfar’s quest, The Baleful Howl, and earn his respect and gratitude.

Doomscream is a test of your skills and tactics, but also a chance to prove yourself as a true Rogue Trader.

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