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Galvanic Icon WOW: How To Get?

galvanic icon wow
How to get Galvanic Icon in WOW?

In the World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery (SOD), there are many elements that can enhance the gameplay, such as runes.

There are 12 Shaman Runes that can enhance a character’s abilities and playstyle.

One of the Shaman Runes can be obtained from the Galvanic Icon, a rare and powerful item in the WOW Classic SOD. Furthermore, you can find Galvanic icons in Mulgore, Durotar, and Razor Hill.

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What Is A Galvanic Icon In WOW?

Galvanic Icon is a relic item that can be equipped in the chest slot by shamans.

Galvanic Icon
Galvanic Icon in WOW SOD.

It has a unique effect that grants you a shield mastery rune when you use a totem.

A shield mastery rune is a special type of rune that can be engraved on your shield to increase its armor, block chance, and damage reduction.

How To Get Galvanic Icon In WOW?

Galvanic Icon is a rare item that spawns randomly in different zones of the world.

Similarly, it can be found in different areas such as:

  1. Mulgore: coordinates (54, 56), (64, 69), and (64, 56)
  2. Durotar: coordinates  (52.07, 62.5), (51.7, 56.4), and (50.9, 51.6)
  3. Razor Hill: coordinates (57.00, 46.68), (56, 50), and (39.43 50.07)
Map of Galvanic Icon
Map of location for Galvanic Icon.

Moreover, you will hear some thunder crashes and can see some lightning strike near the Totem.

This is a clue that indicates that the Galvanic Icon is nearby.

Afterward, when you find it and you need to interact with it and it will be saved into your inventory.

Similarly, you can use it from your inventory for the Shield Mastery’s rune.

However, to engrave the Shield Mastery’s rune into your chest you need to kill 10 enemies with Lightning Bolt.

Furthermore, the enemies need to be green or above to unlock the ability.

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What Are The Uses Of Galvanic Icon In WOW?

Galvanic Icon is a very useful item for shamans, especially for those who use shields.

It can provide you with a Shield Mastery rune every time you use a totem, which can greatly improve your survivability and performance.

Shield Mastery
Engrave Shield Mastery using the Galvanic.

A Shield Mastery rune can create 30% of your shield’s armor value.

It also increases your shield’s block chance by 10% and the shield’s block value by 15%.

Similarly, it has a 3-second cast time and a 0-second cooldown time.

You can only have one rune active at a time, so you need to choose wisely which totem to use.

You can also use different totems to get different runes, such as Fire Resistance Rune, Frost Resistance Rune, or Nature Resistance Rune.

It can also help you in other aspects of the game, such as PvP, dungeons, and raids.

It can give you an edge over your enemies and allies, as you can benefit from extra protection and damage reduction.

You can also use the rune to counter some boss mechanics requiring high survivability or resistance.

The Bottom Line

The Galvanic Icon is a rare and powerful item that can enhance your shaman’s abilities and performance.

Similarly, it can grant you a Shield Mastery rune when you use a totem, which can increase your shield’s armor, and block chance.

Likewise, it can also help you in PvP, dungeons, and raids, as you can benefit from the extra protection and damage reduction.

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