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Genshin Impact Maintenance: Preloading And Rewards

What Is Geneshin Impact Maintainance?
What Is Geneshin Impact Maintainance?

In Genshin Impact before every major update, Hoyoverse pulls the well-known anime game down for maintenance.

Genshin Impact Maintenance is a lengthy process and takes a lot of time.

Genshin Impact Maintenance usually lasts a few hours while the team installs all of the new content. Gamers will receive rewards and new updates once they finish their maintenance process.

Continue reading to learn about Genshin Impact, its maintenance, and the rewards players get after the process.

What Is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is an action-packed, open-world fighting game that employs elemental magic, and character swapping.

Players can purchase additional weapons, characters, and items through the gacha monetization system.

Twins Lumine And Aether In Genshin Impact.
Twins Lumine And Aether In Genshin Impact.

Similarly, it is a role-playing game where Players assume the Traveler’s character as they explore the colorful world of Teyvat.

Additionally, gamers can choose any gender and then begin as the character.

The two possibilities are twins, officially named Lumine and Aether; whatever you select will be mentioned in the story.

When Will Genshin Impact Maintenance Begin?

The publisher of Genshin Impack, Hoyoverse declared the 4.0 Maintenance will begin on August 16, 2023, at 6:00(UTC+8).

For everyone on the globe, the maintenance window occurs simultaneously.

Picture Before Maintenance In Genishin Impact.
Picture before Maintenance in Genshin Impact.

The server maintenance begins with a countdown of approximately five hours.

Additionally, gamers will get access to a new patch following the maintenance.

Further, when the maintenance is going on, there will be no access for players to log in to Genshin Impact.

Thus, they are advised to finish any unresolved quests and indulge in resin beforehand.

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Preloading Genshin Impact Version 4.0 Update

After the server repair is complete, you will need to upgrade Genshin Impact to access Fontaine.

Updating the version means that you could begin experiencing the latest material sooner on launch day.

The download time will be slightly quicker than the maintenance time.

Here are some tips for preloading the game client on any platform that supports the game’s play:

1. Preload On PC

Players can pre-load Genshin Impact 4.0 directly from the PC launcher.

When the pre-installation package is ready, a “Game Pre-Installation” cloud icon appears next to the Launch button.

To begin the pre-installation procedure, click the icon.

It should notify you when the procedure is complete.

After completion of the procedure, players can even continue to play the game as it loads.

Preloading New Genshin Impact Version On PC.
Preloading New Genshin Impact Version On PC.

Nevertheless, you may easily re-download the most recent version from the game’s official website if you don’t have the launcher downloader.

Furthermore, you can select the Windows option from the home screen as if you are handling it like a fresh game download.

After completing this task, you should download the latest launcher.

2. Preload On Mobile (IOS And Android)

Preloading is a quick and simple approach that players may accomplish from within the game by using the Paimon Menu.

Similarly, there are two ways to update the recent Genshin Impact on mobile. They are as follows:

1. Pre-Install Resource Package

Players may start pre-installing updated resources just by selecting Paimon Menu > Settings > Other > Pre-Install Resource Package.

Preloading Resources Package in Mobile in Genshin Impact
Preloading Resources Package in Mobile.

2. Tapping the “Pre-Install Resource Package”

A “Pre-Install Resource Package” icon is in the lower-left corner of the login screen.”

Gamers may begin the pre-installing update resources by tapping on it.

Login Screen In Genshin Impact.
Login Screen In Genshin Impact.

When all the version is released, the IOS gamers must enter the App Store and tap “Update

For Android users, gamers may just launch the game and follow the on-screen instructions (or launch Google Play and tap “Update”).

3. Preload On PS4 And Ps5

Generally, there are three ways to install the Genshin Impact update on PlayStation.

Below are the three steps:

  1. Hover your mouse over the Genshin Impact in your PlayStation library.
  2. Click on the Options button over the icon on your controller.
  3. Press the Search for Update Option to install its new version if available.

Genshin Impact Maintenance Rewards

The maintenance period is very lengthy and can be frustrating for players.

Therefore, HoYovers will compensate players with 300 Primogems for maintenance and other fixes.

Additionally, if the patching process takes longer than expected, gamers will get a bonus of 60 Primogems.

The significant patches bring everything, including brand-new Genshin Impact events, banners, and even an entirely new area.

Players Getting Reward After Gensis Impact .
Players Getting Reward After Genshin Impact Maintenance.

However, to receive the free 300 Primogems, players (Travelers) must have attained the Adventure rank 5 before the maintenance begins.

After the update fixing is complete, players will get the prize via the in-game mail in five hours.

If players do not claim their reward within thirty days, then the mail will expire, and they will not be able to receive free Primogems.

The Bottom Line

Players have always been anxious about Genishin Impact Maintenance.

Furthermore, they can get tremendous rewards and updates if they allow the game to be maintained.

Moreover, players can also feel the speed-up process if they follow the pre-installation process.

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