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Tarkov Christmas Gift 2023: How To Get?

tarkov christmas gift 2023
Get 2023 Christmas Gift in Tarkov.

If you are a fan of Escape from Tarkov, you might be wondering what the developers have in store for you this holiday season.

Players are excited as Battlestate Games has announced a special Christmas gift for all players.

In a recent post on Escape from Tarkov’s website, they announced a special 2023 Christmas gift and New Year’s discount until January 7, 2024. Furthermore, the free Christmas gift is claimable through your profile page on the Escape from Tarkov website after the wipe.
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What Is The Christmas Gift In Tarkov?

The Christmas gift in Tarkov is a special package of in-game items that you can claim once per account.

It is a way of thanking the loyal fans who have supported the game development and testing.

2023 Christmas Gift
2023 Christmas Gift in Tarkov.

The Christmas gift is a fixed set of items that are useful and valuable for your survival in the harsh world of Tarkov.

The gift is different every year, and the developers often surprise the players with new and exclusive items.

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How To Get The 2023 Christmas Gift In Tarkov?

The Tarkov developers have announced on their website the New Year discount along with Christmas Gift.

Tarkov announcement
Tarkov developer’s announcement on their website.

To get the 2023 Christmas gift in Tarkov, you need to have an active pre-order of any edition of the game.

You can pre-order the game or upgrade your edition on the official website until January 7, 2024, 8:59 PM GMT / 3:59 PM EST.

If you already have a pre-order, you don’t need to do anything else.

To claim your Christmas gift, you need to log in to your profile page on the Escape from Tarkov website.

Once you claim the gift, it will be sent to your in-game mail, and you can receive it from the messenger tab.

You can only claim the gift once per account, and you can only use it on one character.

If you reset your account or change your nickname, you will lose the gift.

You can also claim your gift after the next wipe, which will reset your progress and inventory.

What Are The 2023 Christmas Gift Items In Tarkov?

Players can only claim Christmas gifts in Tarvok after the next wipe which is after the new year discount ends.

However, many players have received the Christmas gift in their profile inventory.

Players cannot open the gift and they are eager to know what’s inside the gift.

In the previous year’s Christmas gift, the player received 300 rounds of 7.62 BP on wipe day.

This was a huge gift for the Travok players as they can have fun and enjoy the gift while playing the game.

Likewise, many players have speculated that this year’s gift won’t be as good as the previous one.

Some even said that they would receive a pack of Marlboros, a broken LCD, and some juice with a total of eight items.

Moreover, the Christmas gift could be any random item and can even be a surprise one.

The Bottom Line

Tarkov Christmas Gift 2023 is a generous and exciting reward that the developers of Tarkov offer to the players every year.

The gift contains a variety of items that can enhance your gameplay and make your raids more fun and profitable.

To get the gift, you need to have an active account on the official website and claim it before January 7, 2024.

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