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How to Avoid the Zaith’isk Debuff on Lae’zel?

Zaithisk Debuff
Zaithisk debuffs can significantly impact her effectiveness in combat and other challenges.

Zaithisk Debuff is one of the permanent debuffs on Baldur’s Gate 3 characters.

There is no warning during gameplay or official explanation for the Debuff.

Zaithisk debuffs can significantly impact her effectiveness in combat and other challenges. There is no known way to remove the Zaithisk debuff in the game.
Continue reading to learn about Zaithisk Debuff and its effect.

Introduction To Zaithisk Debuff

The character Lae’zel can acquire the permanent Zaith’isk debuff in Baldur’s Gate 3.

It is acquired during Act 2 of the game when the player can let Lae’zel sit in a machine called the Zaith’isk.

The Zaith’isk is a machine in the game that can be found in the Githyanki Creche through the Mountain Pass.

Laezel is affected by the Zaithisk Debuff.

Further, the Zaith’isk debuff consists of three permanent debuffs to Lae’zel’s stats.

These debuffs can significantly impact her effectiveness in combat and other challenges.

How Does Lae’zelin Acquire The Debuff?

Acquiring the Githyanki Creche is one of the ways to progress in Act 1 of BG3’s Main Quest, “Find a Cure.”

During this quest, the player has to ask to cure the parasite to the Ghustil.

She will approve and ask to sit on the Zaithisk.

You have to tell that you are infected or know a friend.

Laezelin will ask to go to the chair first to cure the parasite.

Your Dream Visitor or Guardian will communicate with you, cautioning an immediate stop.

Zaithisk will break, and Ghustil will run away.

You’ll need to succeed in Saving Throw skill checks to withstand the machine’s effects or persuade Lae’zel to stop.

The Dream Visitor will intervene and prevent Lae’zel by detaching from the device.

Lae’zel will get the Debuff after some time of completion of the mission.

Effect Of Zaithisk Debuff In BG3

The consequences of the Zaithisk Debuff are not immediately apparent.

According to one of the Reddit users, the Zaithisk debuff strengthened the parasite.

It also lowers Lae’zel’s Strength, Dexterity, wisdom, and charisma by 1 point each.

Reddit users review the Debuff.

The Debuff has surprised many players after many hours of gameplay, as reported by them.

Similarly, the debuffs can significantly impact her effectiveness in combat and other challenges.

Many players have expressed frustration at the lack of warning or explanation for the Debuff.

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How To Remove Zaithisk Debuff?

There is no known way to remove the Zaith’isk debuff in the game.

Additionally, the developers of Baldur’s Gate 3 have not yet addressed this issue.

It is unclear if they will add a way to remove the Debuff in future updates.

You must look over the online communities to know about the updates on the Zaith’isk Debuff.

Visit online committees to know more about updates.

Some players have suggested that a spell called Greater Restoration may be able to remove the debuffs.

However, confirmation for this is still pending.

The Bottom Line

In BG3, Zaithisk Debuff occurs to the Lae’zelin, which affects her skills.

Moreover, there is no specific solution developed regarding the Debuff by the developers.

The Debuff may be frustrating, but the player must hold for some time to get game updates.

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