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Lament Locked Door With Ladder In Remnant 2

Lament locked door with ladder in Remnant 2.
Remnant 2 the lament locked door with ladder can be unlocked after solving the puzzle.

Remnant 2 Lament Locked Door with ladder is a puzzle that rewards a Big Chest.

The Lament has few combat events but requires completing a tricky puzzle.

The Lament Locked Door with ladder is a simple puzzle in Yaesha in Remnant 2. Players must discover a book hidden in the lament with the symbol required for the puzzle.
Further, they must search for the bodies corresponding to the book’s symbol.
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The Lament Dungeon: An Overview

The Lament Dungeon in Remnant 2 is located in Yaesha’s Faithless Thicket.

Also, if this is your first visit to this zone, you should take a shortcut.

Additionally, there is a way over the Forbidden Grove to Kaeula’s Rest. It will take you to the Faithless Thicket.

Puzling Locked door in Lament
Puzzling Locked Door in Lament.

Players can follow the woodland route until they reach The Lament’s entrance.

They have to unlock the locked circular door by completing the puzzle.

How To Solve The Lament Locked Door Puzzle?

First and foremost, you cannot solve this door unless you have completed The Lament.

The puzzle is subtle yet complicated to some players.

Below are the steps to open the Locked Lament Door.

1. Overcome The Traps

When you first enter, you’ll notice narrow pathways with blow-dart booby traps.

While most bullets are fired horizontally, some are also shot vertically.

Hence, being struck also results in immediate death.

Dodge all booby traps with accurate timings
Dodge all booby traps with accurate timings.

So, you should duck behind obstructions and carefully time your movements.

Lastly, you can deactivate everything by pulling a lever at the end of this segment.

2. Find The Book Diagram

Now, go into the dungeon to seek for clues to open the door.

There, you’ll find a book beside a skeleton.

Book with the Diagram.
Book with the Diagram.

It relates the story of Queen Tethys and four people with sigils representing their houses.

The book also has a huge diagram on the front cover.

Moreover, it serves as your first important hint.

Inspect the diagram and remember it correctly.

3. Match The Symbols

The book’s diagram is present on the blankets that wrap the mummies.

Note: Each player’s symbol may vary as it is randomly generated for each player.

Thereafter, notice the wall markings similar to the mummies’ blankets.

The cloth covering the mummies will have the same pattern.

Locate the correct mummy sigils.
Locate the correct mummy sigils.

Now, simply look at the sheets above each Mummy.

Note the symbol on the wall of any Mummy that has a sheet with the symbol from the book.

4. Open The Locked Door In Lament

To unlock the door, players must realign the rings before the door.

Control the rings to match the symbols that you noted down from the walls earlier.

Or, you can simply follow the table as shown below.

Sigil of Fatebound Hands1An upside-down T shape.
Sigil of the Bowsplit Wave2A curved symbol that looks like the letter M.
Sigil of the Fireforged Snowflake3A circle on a dais; looks like a portal.
Sigil of the Fractured Looking Glass4A circle with two bars and a smaller circle in the middle.
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5. Kill Wither Mini-Boss

Players can activate the checkpoint once they enter the locked door.

Further, they will come across two coffins.

Opening one of them will release a mini-boss called Wither.

Fight him and make sure to open both coffins.

The Bottom Line

Finally, the locked door has opened for you to move forward in the Remnant 2 game.

Up ahead, players can find various crafting materials and scrap.

The Wither also drops Kolket’s Razor, which is important for your next journey.

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